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Rebsie Fairholm: Psychedelic Renaissance Woman

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Rebsie Fairholm is one of Macjams best loved female artists. Her soothing voice reaches past the ages to a bygone era; yet her rebellious nature and sense of humor grounds her in the present, or at least somewhere this side of the 60s. She is at once a calming influence and a restless spirit, a siren that calls people back to the webpages of Macjams to see if something new has been posted.

Rebsie’s given name is Rebecca, but her family called her Becca. “I absolutely hated it but it never occurred to me to say anything,” she tells me. “Finally at the age of eight I said ‘please stop calling me Becca!’ and they said, ‘Well, what should we call you instead then?’ So I made up the name Rebsie.

And that’s the sort of self-creation that is at the heart of all her work. (more…)

Jesushairdo: Yusuke Horiuchi, Japanese Pop Master

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Yusuke Horiuchi, known to Macjammers as Jesushairdo, is a 33 year old Japanese pop rocker living in Tokyo. He’s been churning out cross-cultural hits for the last 4 years on MJ. I first noticed his talent with acoustic demos like Green, Pearl and The Youngest and The Brightest, his first submissions back in 2004, all great songs. Through the years, I’ve heard him master recording and mixing techniques, grow as a writer, and branch out into jazz influences. I can’t say enough good things about his music.

Jesushairdo’s music is always entertaining, containing an element of fun that is often lacking in today’s offerings. Plus, his lyrics include quirky, unique phrases, partly due to the language divide, but mostly due to his wit and honest observational skills as a pop poet. Without questions, he is one of my favorite singer-songwriters I’ve discovered. (more…)

Paul F. Page – Philosopher Pianist

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Paul F. Page, composer, teacher and performer, divided his time, for most of his career, between teaching high school English and pursuing his music. He is currently “retired,” recording music he never got a chance to do during the more active portions of his musical life, and having fun.

Paul’s music has been published by many companies, including J. Paluch/World Library Publications, Mark Foster Music, Curtis Music, The Oregon Catholic Press, Hinshaw Music, Lorenz Music, and CynMar Publications (his own production company). A number of his works have been performed and recorded in Europe and Canada, the former Soviet Union, Japan, and extensively in the U.S. Paul holds degrees in philosophy and English from St. Patrick’s College and San Jose State University respectively, and a Master of Liturgical Music degree from Santa Clara University.Paul has toured Europe on six occasions with the Santa Clara Choral Spectrum, a choir he formed and directed since 1984. He’s adjudicated choral festivals in Feldkirche and Vienna, Austria. In 1982, he conducted his high school choir in a performance for then Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Square, Rome. His Blessing has been performed in the Ukraine, Russia, and throughout Western Europe, Canada, and the U.S. and was featured on Austrian radio. Selections of his choral music appear in university conducting texts that have been published in the U.S. and in Spain. (more…)

Boss Hook: John LaMantia – Johnny Law

Monday, July 21st, 2008

John LaMantia, also called Johnny Law, is better known to Macjammers as Boss Hook. (As a kid he was also know as LaMachine because of his “propensity to eat large amounts of food in rapid time.”) John is a lawyer living in the Chicago area, still gigging and recording when he can. His music caught my ear because of its professionalism and sense of fun… (more…)

Three Cat Clem: Contemporary Blues Man

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Three Cat Clem is one of Macjams’ Blues Men, combining traditional blues grit with contemporary rhythms and electric distortions, an old world spirit with a new world edge. He’s one of the few MJers who has played at the real CBGBs (not just the virtual online event). I was first turned on to Three Cat Clem by Fran Dagostino (ziti) when I was gathering tracks for the initial Macjams Blues Podcast.

When did you discover the Blues? (more…)

Vic Holman: The Big Ideas Guy

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Vic Holman is one of the wonderful Macjams community members always in outreach mode, supporting the latest online festival, flagging new talent, and supporting the best aspects of the site. He’s part of The Goodwilly’s, a MacJams based online band consisting of Micheal Wark, Dadai, and Mikey_D (the core of the group). They’ve brought in quite a few other MacJams members as well on songs. As a solo artist, Vic has 76 songs on his submission list, all solid tunes, mainstream rock/folk-rock with a dash of psychedelic, and lyrics that often employ a unique perspective from the point of view of a marginalized or tragic/comic fictional character.

Vic is an Art/Creative Director in an Advertising Agency and has been for 30 years. He comes up with the “Big” ideas and executes them. From print in all forms to radio scripts and production. Plus, TV commercials, concept to final production. You can see and hear some samples at You’ll notice that he has a weird sense of humor.

Vic is 52 years old (but, according to Vic, “I look like 42 and act like 32). He’s single (again) and lives in Spokane, Washington. Amid the stress of the ad agency life, Vic says, “I find creating music is a great mental vacation for me.”

What got you started playing music? (more…)

Eric VanAusdal: Lennon714

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

One of the new members who I’ve enjoyed discovering is Lennon714, known in the real world as Eric VanAusdal. Eric was born in Utah but has lived in Arizona since 1988. He’s 28 years old and lives in Gilbert, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. His music has a straight ahead no-nonsense feel that is very appealing. I hear influences of The Beatles (and subsequent bands like Oasis and Weezer) in his catchy hooks, but what I enjoy most is the more current, unique feel he brings to his storytelling lyrics. He says he has a lot to learn about digital recording, which is one of the main reasons he joined Macjams. After being here for 6 months, one can already hear the difference (which is very cool, indeed).

His band, the Ex-Kings, broke up just about the time Eric joined Macjams. It seems Eric never really liked performing live (but, of course, you can’t discover that until you try). The band’s break up afforded him more time to write music on his own. As he puts it, “We considered the idea of getting back together but eventually decided against it. For me it had everything to do with being a control freak and just wanting to record, not play out.” (more…)

Daddy G: George Michael & Lyndon Heart

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

George Michael, better known to Macjammers as DaddyG, is a professional musician and has been for 40 years, “slugging it out” (and loving every minute) in Seattle, WA (USA).

Typical of many professional musicians, he also has a side job: working in the shipping & receiving department of a local state university. But according to George, he is busier musically than he’s ever been. Along with local stage and studio work, he also performs 3 times a week in Second Life. He also has rubbed elbows with the some of the greatest stars in the music industry, either while touring or while recording in professional studios (especially in San Francisco). Through it all, he’s never lost his sense of humor, his enthusiasm for music, or his artistic vision.

My favorite daddyg tracks:

Wrong Remedies
Disarm Yourself by the Puddle Jumpers
Oasis by the Puddle Jumpers
Max and I by the Puddle Jumpers
My Old Friend Jack by the Puddle Jumpers
I Ain’t No Jukebox with K. J. Corell
Cuppa with Deidre Kroener
Tug of War with Vera Wildauer
Midnight with Dayna Wills, K. J. Cortell

So, I gotta ask… Do you get confused with George Michael (of Wham!)?

“All the time. I’m told I resemble him greatly… When Wham hit the charts my family was at first ecstatic and then alternately confused and disappointed.

“I was invited to a professional songwriters symposium back in ’87 and when I signed up for a class I forgot to put the (USA) after my name and the class filled quickly. When we went around the room to introduce ourselves, the groan was audible when I stood and said “I’m the real George Michael.” *sigh*

What is your Second Life avatar name?

“My avatar name is Lyndon Heart.”

Did you pick something other than George Michael in order to avoid annoying discussions (like this one)?

“Let’s face it, I’ve taken enough abuse in the real world, I didn’t want to start it with Second Life right off the bat.”

Have you had any showdowns with Second Life ‘griefers’ – even without the Wham! connection?

“Most SL participants are friendly and helpful, but there are ‘griefers’ whose aim is purely to cause trouble. A few showed up at a recent online concert I gave, peppering the graphic scene with pornographic images and ‘bumping’ my avatar off the stage. Three of my shows were ‘griefed’ in a row, but we got the names, and those participants were quickly banned.”

How do you handle the SL groupies?

“There is a sexual element to Second Life. That’s probably one of the driving forces behind the world. I don’t participate, but all the avatars are, ahem, anatomically correct, and the imagery is phenomenally real-looking. (more…)