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Monday, May 19th, 2008

CBGB’s Demos Festival Challenge was a very successful MacJams Online Event.

The set-up: “You are a band trying to get a gig at CBGB’s and the only way to do that is to send in your demo tape and pray…”

Kevin Jones shaped the entries into a 2-part PODCAST, parts 1 & 2 are listed below, complete with their playlists. Many thanks to the organizers of this event and all Macjammers who participated… (more…)

Online Events and Macjams Community

Friday, April 11th, 2008

MacJams is a very open community. One of its greatest assets are members who seek to create, join and support collaborative opportunities. MJ Online Events are almost always grassroots activities started by a single member with a great idea. Many of these events, like WoodstockMJ fest and CBGBs Demos, became long running reasons to create new music under a fun and inspiring theme. In this blog, I want to highlight some of the most successful events we’ve had so far, to archive them in a single place. (Maybe this retrospective will inspire new ones!) I list some of my favorite events below, including highlight tracks from those events.

But first, a brief history of Online Events in the Macjams community… (more…)