Rock Music – Vol. 3 – from the MJ Archive

Here are a few more tracks I hope no rock lover misses. Please use comments at the end of this blog to mention other songs buried deep in the database that you’ve found Mining the Music!  About 2 hours of great music on the links listed below…

Scattered Pieces – philfromshine
We Don’t Die – relrick
Insane by karasoul
Waste of me by Montgomery California
Come Down – chimptone57
Drowning – racerat
Listen – Tetsujin
Water Through My Fingers – Andy Taylor
See You Again – Supergene
The Chamber of the Ants – awaken
Rain Outside – gjenkin
Drive The River (New Version) – springclock
Our Hearts In Your Hands – FrankAxtell featuring vocalist Chip Mills
I Won’t Fly – Vic Holman
Puzzle City – Audiocracy
The News – MattGranz
Headless – tricksixtyfive
Don’t Tell Me – nealgardner
Against the Flow! – Gav
Mommy, I Want To Be Swedish – I. Spike
Monday – Tetsujin
Withus Oragainstus Final Mix by benjhannah
Take Me Home – Brian D
Many Mistakes by Joshosh
Be My Love – TobinMueller
Invasion – springclock
The Quarry – racerat
I’m Goin’ Down – jgurner
So Easy (this is) – steck
Late Late Picture Show – Brian D
Gravity by karasoul

You can surf the MacJams database yourself by going here. I tried to pick all songs that pre-dated 31 December 2007 for this post.

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  1. Feter Says:

    Please allow to pimp this track !

    jaw blues by jaw

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