Rock Music – Vol. 5 – from the MJ Archive

With this entry I’d like to emphasize Pop Rock, with a few exceptions thrown in for variety sake. Please use comments at the end of this blog to mention other songs buried deep in the database that you’ve found Mining the Music. Two hours of song page links listed…

Emergency – karasoul
Last Teardrop – droop
Serfs Are On Their Way – Bonka
Simple by lucyfur (Chris Braddock)
I Love My Mac – V2 by Pie
Karmann Ghia – Brian D
satellite so bright – springclock
Pet – michael2
Twice As Strong – dug110 – vol
She Opened Her Mouth and the World Fell Out by I. Spike
The Charlatans Tele – omnibus11
Party Girl – lucyfur
Don’t Look Down – Missing Piece
Pursuit of Diamonds – Vic Holman
She Waits – karasoul
Close Your Eyes (Lullabye) by djdrshaman
Sounds Like a Love Song – Tetsujin
Down and Out – steck
Bittersweet – Brian D
Duty Visits – racerat
Yahoo Girl – syddavis (Steve Davis):
You – MiMi
Prom Queen (remix) – darryllicht
Twice As Strong – dug110 (Doug Boughter)
Golden Dreams – william devine
Say -‘ Aye We Are’ – bonnieprincejohnny/Danny The Singing Postman
The Universe Is Burning – MarcSupsic
Keep Holdin’ On – joel c. (Joel Chia)
Dreamin’ Eyes – Thompa (demo)
all night long – amadeus
Tell Me – – *Catch* – steck
Queen City Lonely – frankenmac (Steve Sobek)
Velvet Red – theglareofday
Blind Eye – Brian D
Spacehopper – apb
Waxing Lyrical – apb
Paradise – dug110 (Doug Boughter)
What If – FGarofalo
How it has begun – amadeus
Turn It Around – TobinMueller
Ocean – michael2
Day By Day – MarcSupsic
Stayed At Homemichael2
Sarah Jane – You’re Alright – admiralebay
Dreaming (Vocals by Leon) – BranDaMan

These Pop-Rock tracks were highlighted on Macjams Podcast, Episode #1:
Kaleidoscope – Pie (Pietro Diana)
Right As Rain – michael2
Sally, You Were The One – Aaron Hill
Tonight – mitra (Mitra Djalili)
Strange Jane – paddler
Conversation – syddavis
All I Know – heatherbrooks
Spinning – eleveneyes
Tompkins Square – twonicus/M-Lab
Prettiest Things – wurlygig
Rachel Said – echoroom
Ann Elise – Brian D
Just Like a Little Girl – jenny dove
Luv – I. Spike

You can surf the MacJams database yourself by going here. I tried to pick all songs that pre-dated 31 December 2007 for this post.

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  1. Steve Doyle Says:

    I really like this list. A few outstanding songs on this list are:
    Turn It Around – TobinMueller
    Paradise – dug110 (Doug Boughter)
    Just Like a Little Girl – jenny dove

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