Rock Music – Vol. 7 – from the MJ Archive

With this entry I’d like to emphasize Progressive Rock, which includes a few instrumentals and really long (but totally cool) tracks, as this genre often does. Prog on, MJers, and keep Mining the Database!…

Revolution’s Son – Audiocracy (Tobin/dchapman/twon/Alimar)
Oasis – daddyg (George Michael and the Puddle Jumpers)
The Queen’s Party (Always Away) – eleveneyes
Kicking and Screaming- twonicus (InVanity)
The Golem Song – The Maladies
Cut & Paste (Resolution) – Hectorious
Strange Days – Z293 (Gary Wooten)
The frailty of promise – awaken
All The Same – chuck_t
Ever After – decentpie
Janus Faced by Micheal_Wark
Another Place In Time – Norman Goodman
Puzzle City – Audiocracy (Tobin Mueller/Bob Piper)
Open Green Land – soulexistence
Giggle Snot Symphony – bjorkforker
Fire In The Sky – decentpie
The Jackdaw Song – paddler
So Right – lucyfur
Today I See - FrankAxtell/Tim Tulucci/Kim Edinger/Michael Wilber
Empty Sky – twonicus (Invanity)
Lullaby – SISTERS/Sil-VER: (cross-world collab)
The Land Of Nod – FrankAxtell
If Only I Could! – decentpie
Anybody else can play that – I.G.M.
Joob! – MattGranz
Anxious Overtime – handovergold
The Cycle – chuck_t
Slingers II – McBoy/z293/Drew Kopr/phillipe C. on drums
Ugly Inside (10,000 Views) – Hectorious
Trading Punches With The Prince of Darkness – BossHook
Bridges – chuck_t
Resolution – guitapick
When The Future Comes – Audiocracy
Time – handovergold
The Last Day – Alimar
Xerox – handovergold
All The Same – twonicus (M-Lab)
New TDP Song – chuck_t
Sandcastle – Tadashi Togawa
Water’s Edge by twonicus (M-lab)
Is There Any Real Peace Anymore? – Alimar/Wheel of Chairs
The Wrath – FrankAxtell
Yesteryears – Particulate Eden
Far Planet – Tadashi Togawa
Eye Of The Storm – cthayes
I Sail On (arr: Troy) – TroyPavia/TobinMueller
Sirens (Final Journey) – Alimar
The Road – falo
Close Your Eyes – FrankAxtell
The Truth – Dragonas
Driven by desperation (w/I.Spike) – Sil-VER
See it as it Ends – euphoreador
Proxy Nails – oniblah
Empty Sky – twonicus
Moonman – Denny Borsboom
I’m Aware – Chris Boros
Time – handovergold
emma [revised] – davisamerica
Speak Truth to Power – Audiocracy (dchapman/twonicus/Tobin)
On the way – Karmatoburn/Z293
Somehow – moorlandt/Myshkin
ZigZag – Z293/mcboy
Circus – chuck_t
I Have Dreamed In Another – TobinMueller
Flexinit…Again ( Axegrinder ) – Norman Goodman
Light In Darkness – handovergold
The Final Fight – edwardkim
Controlling The Machine – Chris Boros
All Alone (Resolution) by Hectorious
Slingers – Scorpjammer/Mcboy/Z293
Meeting At Moot Point – Cunniondorf
Flies On Oranges – oniblah
The Road – falo
Our Hearts In Your Hands by FrankAxtell
Pop Heavy Pop – dodo
Crimson Tide – djdrshaman
Last Train by twonicus (M-lab)
The Green Fields Of Ireland – FrankAxtell
Light In Darkness – handovergold
Looping Through Hell - Suzanne/TobinMueller
Stones in a Pocket- ragurner
Ringo’s Thing – Mcboy
Two Legs (Resolution) – Hectorious
Elsie’s Philosophy – oniblah
HFH-M10: Realization – rschletty w/magullo
Queen Crimson (a collaboration) - Suzanne/Fosod/Gudkarma/IvanJS/Tobin
Taking What You Know – Chris Boros
Lil’ Peanut (Resolution) – Hectorious
South Beach – FrankAxtell
RAIN OF ANGELS – CharlyDeeCynthius
Z’s brew – dchapman/z293/drewkopr/mcboy
MIA – EchoRatKopr/echoroom
Twa Corbies – carlaz
Bird In Flight – Brian D
Left to Swing – Tiny_Man_Inside (w/ The Composer)
Swing Axe – Karmatoburn/PV
The Free Way Of Light – paddler
sea light in your ice – Eckleiste
Particle of Change – Roca_Atomica
The Wanderer (Woodstock MJ Finale) – Alimar

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