Rock Music – Vol. 8 – from the MJ Archive

This post finishes off my archive search for rock submitted prior to January 1, 2008. I will turn my attention to other genres with my next Mining posts. This post emphasizes Mainstream Rock with some Soft Rock and other variations on radio rock thrown in. See below for the complete list…

Please use comments at the end of this blog to mention other songs buried deep in the database that you’ve found Mining the Music! Several of these tracks are demos, as are many tracks shared on Macjams. Feel free to join in the discussion of song writing and production on each song page.

Cuba Street – compyellow
3-0 – jesushairdo
Simple Life – Morphman
You Belong With Me – Brian D
Perfect Storm – Scott Carmichael
Long Way Home by apb/Allen Dean
on my way – lucyfur
Pay Phone – arundqui
Down Time – eleveneyes
You and Me – ifmusiconline
Taking My Breath Away – SBS
Pick Of The Plant – syddavis
Irene – Peter Greenstone
Shame – jenny dove
Reaching out – Tobbe
soo in love – look24hippy
To Be With You – spot
Don’t Let Go – sometimesthree
the moth by jonx
See When You Believe – jesushairdo
Smile – Gav
Lay This Burden Down – Brian D
Can’t Complain by TobinMueller/Suzanne/twonicus/Komrade K
little woman blues by jonx
Capture – onesweetworld
When the Rain – Catch/teck
Nowhere To Run – FGarofalo
‘A Minor’ Walkdown Blues – Brian D
new life – Scott Carmichael/mvh
Nolan’s Unobtainable Remedy by jiguma/Nolan
king for a day w/BossHook by buckhorn
decor v.2 by jonx
One of a Kind – philonnie
C’est Mon Dada – mikkinylund
Tell Me – Brian D
With Me by Peter Greenstone
Hearts Survive – AarCanaduh
Schrodinger’s Cat by Peter Greenstone
You Breathe God – michael2 w/Vic Homan
Into The Heart – Amanda Chapman/allaz01
Brand New Hand Me Down – Brian D
Cause That’s Life – Monte & Carlo/Sea Monk Seven
Butterfly – steck
Glimpses – Scott Carmichael
mother – jonx
Calling Home – clwedel
Final Words – TobinMueller
Mockingbird – Jonx/McBoy
step up to the microphone by jonx (highlighted in MacJams Podcast #3)

You can surfer the MacJams database yourself by going here. I tried to pick all songs that pre-dated 31 December 2007 for this post.

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