MacJams Joins the Music Blogsphere

Great music exists in the MacJams database. I am always looking for additional ways to bring great MJ music in front of listeners and to keep old music alive. So when I was reading in Mac Life about Songbird and Peel, apps that automatically rip mp3s from music blogs and RSS them right to your computer,it got me thinking. I decided to start a MacJams Music Blog.

MacJams Music Blog is one more way to highlight the music and members that make this place such an interesting, entertaining, educational, inspiring experience. Plus, the highlighted tracks listed at the bottom of each blog are playable on my iPhone, which is a great plus.

In upcoming blogs I will highlight some of the music, projects and people of Macjams. I’ll share my favorite tracks and interview some of the talent that makes this place tick. (Members: each track spotlighted at the bottom of the blog, tracks that are accessible by apps like Songbird, should be download enabled.) I hope the accumulative effect of the blog will be an ever deepening appreciation of our community. MacJams is community of songwriters and musicians willing to share their craft and creations for free. The result is mutual inspiration, community warmth and great entertainment. I’d like this blog to be a spotlight on this mutual inspiration – a place to deposit musical gems and, in so doing, help illustrate why Macjams is such a special place.

Feel free to send me a NOTE if you have an idea for a Music Blog that you’d like me to spotlight. Also, please share your Music Blog experiences, what programs you use for ripping mp3s automatically from these sites, and any other tips that might help this new feature disseminate MacJams music across the web.

-MINING THE DATABASE- Remember these old tracks? Here are a few that will be featured in future Mining The Database episodes:[display_podcast]

Recommended applications: – Songbird – Peel

6 Responses to “MacJams Joins the Music Blogsphere”

  1. Bill Says:

    Glad to see Paddler is being blogged, great singing melody, the songs that I’ve heard I thought were melodically infectious. Which is something that I think is a high quality in listen-ability.

    Way go go Paddler!

  2. sloparts Says:

    This is just too cool. It’s so nice to find out the really interesting things about the some of the fine artists I’ve been listening to here on MacJams. And it’s not just facts about them, but the interesting things they do or say, and about how they came to be here. What hooked them on music and where the road has taken them on their way to becoming our friends.

    Thank you Tobin for getting this idea and following through with it. It will help us all understand out fellow musicians and get to know the friends we’ve made here even better in the future.


  3. Benny(Dj French Toast) Says:

    This was such a pleasure to read and to get a little insight into the mind of the people we hold dear to our hearts from the site. I feel so disconnected yet close and welcome and this only opens the doors to peoples hearts even wider. Thanx to all involved for the hard work and dedication in setting this up ….One love …Peace.

  4. STECK Says:

    From the writer of the book “Music 2.0″, go check out:

    “Blogs will be Record Labels, and Bloggers will be the new Music Moguls – BlogJs anyone?”

  5. Sidney Stayton Says:

    This site can be a stroll-by for all of the info you needed about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse right here, and you’ll definitely uncover it.

  6. asFuttog2lh Says:


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