Jazz Music – vol 1

This is the first in a series of posts highlighting some of my favorite Jazz archived in the MacJams database. For variety sake, I’ve tried to have place a jazz vocals track about every 3rd track or so. Additional posts will highlight funk, smooth jazz and additional eclectic jazz music…

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Henri Roger – Jazz Improvisationist from France

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Frank Axtell
John Stebbe
iG.STUDIO (Ilya Gerasimenko)
Sirjon1989 (Jon Olejnik)

Jazz Music – Volume 1:
I Wanna Fly – TobinMueller
Play It Twice – Ringo
St.Philip’s Street Breakdown by woofer3
Azlan Returns – FrankAxtell
Mozart Jazz Collaboration – John Stebbe
Karma 4 Brecker – futzpucker/karmatoburn/edhara/tadashi/ricky s./mcboy
Midnight – daddyg (George Michael )
Hurry up Darling by HenriROGERsoloandbands
Nunca Contigo – Gumbi Ortiz (The Latino Project)
Icy Hot – Clownbuster
Latin Interlude – jpmusic (Jason Passmore)
Oh You Crazy Moon – harisahn (Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Heuse)
For Elise – marcusschinkel
Things from Strings – tatin
Style – paulhenrys (Paul Henry Schwebel)
Wireless Telepathy by HenriROGERsoloandbands
Waggahufftamuff – Bo Schmo
Big Funk – FrankAxtell
atom bomb blues by woofer3
Simple Pleasures by kclements
Solitary Confinement – iG.STUDIO (Ilya Gerasimenko)
Madeliene – McBoy
Waltz For Jodie – jesusharido/kcsaito
Under the Dunes by HenriROGERsoloandbands
Soaring Into The Heavens by FrankAxtell
Sentimental Journey by dirigent
La Donna Mobile by John Stebbe
Musique écrite et improvisée by HenriROGERsoloandbands
Convoluted Blues by BossHook (w/ Mbehar, Bass2x)
1 Man Jam Band by Ibstrat
This Old River – philonnie
Dedication by davevan
Funky Fox by mbehar
Yo Soy De Aqui – gumbi Ortiz
Oh Susannah – John Stebbe
freeash aire – tatin
Dreams III – TobinMueller/Woody Mankowski
Fives by FrankAxtell
Again – I.G.M. (Ingo G. Michel)
Midnight Maze by dodo
Song For Charlie Christian by Ibstrat
What Now? – Stacy
hyss – rymdaelgg
Moon: The Midnight Sun (Take 2) – Sirjon1989 (Jon Olejnik)
When I Look In Your Eyes – announcer/Bill Brophy & Anne Cozean/SISTERS
Electrofunk – jpmusic
Trumpet/Piano collab – John Stebbe & Jeff Mahoney
Smooth As Silk – Joanna (Joanna Sandsmark)
Lightning Strikes (v1) – TobinMueller
Trouble In Paradise – FrankAxtell
“Galadriel’s Mirror” – CharlyDeeCynthius
Big Sur – FrankAxtell
The Art of Happiness – Parichayaka
Jazz Bluez Jazz by Ibstrat
My Soul – Thomas Almqvist/Alannah Richards
Windowshade – TobinMueller
What I Haven’t Done – dodo
I Got a Lover – dirigent
Nocturne Numero Dos – Enrique Gil


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