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The Mining the Database series continues, highlighting some of my favorite Classical Music posts. See below for the complete list…

Please use comments at the end of this blog to mention other songs buried deep in the database that you’ve found Mining the Music! Several of these tracks are demos, as are many tracks shared on Macjams. Feel free to join in the discussion of song writing and production on each song page.

Also see the Artist Spotlight pages:
André van Haren – Classical Composer
Dr. Clark Ross – Classical Professor

Mining MacJams Classical Music:

Salut by Telemann – Brad White
Pearls before swine – MrBajen
The Aquarium by Camille Saint-Saens – MidiOrleans (Scotty Hill)
Steppin’ Out – (Clark Ross)
Orchestral song no. 5: “Morning” – andreasvanharen
le jongleur – paul f. page
Fluctuations – MrBajen
Cyndi (I Love You) – Enrique Gil
Martin Simon – jonnyboy
Variation 1 – haribo
Adagio in e minor for string quartet – djdrshaman
Piano quintet III – Divase – cchaplin
Piano quintet II – Thades – cchaplin
Marcello Op. 2, No. 6 Allegro – jonnyboy
Marcello Op. 2, No. 6 Adagio – jonnyboy
Marcello Op. 2, No. 6 Vivace, 4th movement – jonnyboy
3th movement of my first symphony – andreasvanharen
Allegro (Telemann) – Brad White
It is what it is – David Homan
Lady of the Lake – Mystified/TobinMueller
3 Pieces for Orchestra (#2 -Interlude) – composerclark
Variation 2 – haribo
Concerto Anacapa, mov 3 – david.sfinzi
Sophia Begets the Demiurge by Keith O. Edwards
Here is the Real Fugue!!! – andreasvanharen
Path of Tears by Cameron
The Dark Night – Enrique Gil
The Earth Trembles – Bowman (Charles Mazarakes)
L’Egyptienne by Rameau – MidiOrleans
Marcello Sonata in D minor Op. 2 No. 2 Adagio for recorder and basso continuo – jonnyboy
Chaos of the Subconscious – TobinMueller
Aria by Johann Sebastian Bach – dirigent
Orchestral Variations on a recurring unvaried rhythmic theme in 15/8 decaying – cchaplin
And we danced ’til dawn – Enrique Gil
Castello, Sonata Seconda, Libro Primo – jonnyboy
Hearing Footsteps (dream) – composerclark
rhythmiclouds-4 tweaked – soehnk
Cat’s play – andreasvanharen
The Solution Final Mix by Alimar
Piano Sonate no.1 “Laura Lee” in f minor – movement one – andreasvanharen
Nocturne Numero Siete – Enrique Gil
A Paean – andreasvanharen
Gloria – DCAccidentals
Balans – andreasvanharen
Afternoon Stroll 1 – haribo
Benedetto Marcello, Sonata Op. 2 No. 6 Adagio – jonnyboy
The Last Few Leaves of Autumn – Mystified (w/ I. Spike)
Verzweiflung (1st Orchestral song) – andreasvanharen
Choro da Saudade by Barrios Mangore – thetiler
Fugue 4 – gisli
Agnus Dei for Strings – jason.s
Nocturne Numero Seis – Enrique Gil
Marcello, Op. 2, No. 6 Mvt. 3 Adagio – jonnyboy
Tristezza – Mystified
Chives – cchaplin
Baroque Concertino – davidsmith99
Excelsior! – Alimar
Ach Weh by Andreas Rauch – dirigent
The Chase – magnatone
Dream Dance – composerclark
Kyrie – YsaeK
september3 – soehnk (last of 3 part suite – 9/11)
3 Movement Piano Piece (3) – paul f. page
Dreamlight – dirigent
Merlyn’s Sight – TobinMueller
Goodbye – andreasvanharen

You can surf the MacJams database yourself by going here.

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