Blues – vol. 1 (w/ Podcast)

Following the success of Feter’s HOUSE OF BLUES project, I wanted to share some of my favorite blues tracks from the MacJams’ archives…

Many of the tracks submitted to MacJams are demos. Please visit the song pages listed below and join in the discussion regarding production and song writing. Also, if you’d like to add to this list, feel free to use the comments section below and include the URL to the song you wish to spotlight, or drop me a note.

Also, since macjams Music Podcasts are temporarily on hold, I wanted to share Podcasts #11 that I did, featuring The Blues:

Macjams Podcast #11 – The Blues playlist:

Sunshine Pumping Machine (tribute) by CR
Feedback Shuffle by shuffleking (Dave Simmons)
Just The Kind Of Girl by rover101 (Paul “Shaky O” Stacey)
Answers – ziti (Fran Dagostino) – since deleted
Talk by thoddi (Thor Oliversen)
Dust My Broom by bloosman1
Follow Me Baby by Bob Ancona
Lucky Boy – TobinMueller
Falling Down [Explicit] by Three Cat Clem
Sorry i left ya baby by CR
Come In by jpfeiff (Jim Pfeiffenberger)
I Got a Water Pistol Named Betsy by Joanna
Waiting For A Train – eorthman (Rob Veith)
Sunday Is A Good Day – ziti
A Simple Sorry Would Do by ziti

additional MACJAMS BLUES:

I Just Don’t Know by freefalleffect
Rainin’ Down by FrankAxtell
STATION BLUES by Barretok (w/Macoco & Seles)
Down and Out, Zetes live on MIS by btransue
Don’t Look Back by Soundhound
Falling Down by Three Cat Clem
The New Statesboro Blues by ziti
My Cat, my cat (Feter’s Blues) by Doadars Uncle
Hurricane Blues by FrankAxtell
Millionaire by Three Cat Clem
Anniversary Blue Sun by ziti
House Cat by tsand19151
Fall Down King (Mcboy/RCAndrews) by RacerX
Perdition Blues by Three Cat Clem
The Art by mikkinylund
Blues in X by Automata_Band
Into The Shadows by sloparts
Route 2A by BewareTheFish
Twenty Seven Reasons by mowguy3
a cup of coffee by Tadashi Togawa
The same herd – multicollab by thoddi



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  1. MacJams Music Blog » Blog Archive » Three Cat Clem: Contemporary Blues Man Says:

    […] Three Cat Clem is one of Macjams’ Blues Men, combining traditional blues grit with contemporary rhythms and electric distortions, an old world spirit with a new world edge. He’s one of the few MJers who has played at the real CBGBs (not just the virtual online event). I was first turned on to Three Cat Clem by Fran Dagostino (ziti) when I was gathering tracks for the initial Macjams Blues Podcast. […]

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