Reggae & Island Music

Macjams brings you a genre often overlooked: Reggae/Island music. Please add any links I’ve missed to the comments section. Happy summer 2008!

Don’t Mess Around (take 2) by richardhowardjones
Dusty – tonygits
Hallelujah by quarkhead (Dirk Lind)
I Wanna Be Your Man – sherina
Moonlight Bay – arundqui
Jam Free by Tom Wounded
the heroes by mikkinylund
Lucille by thoddi: SKA This is the band “Jims Riff” that was playing the scenes of Stavanger, Norway around 1985-1991
I Just Wanna Know by musichead
The Mekon don’t like it by woofer3
A WORLD for only LOVERS * revised by TERRAPLANE
Slimorex Slapahound by Slithorex
made tate by falzaabi
So Hardcore by Tom Wounded: (punk SKA)
*A WORLD for only LOVERS* by easytbird
Red Lipstick by Wildcat
Love Starts In The Kitchen – Scott Carmichael
Fair Weather by lucyfur
Good Ol’ Feeling by mf
ATL by bjack/Rufus Clay and reggae artist Junior P.
Girl From Padre Island (Collab with Tobin on the keys) by TEXASFEEL
all night long by amadeus
Chillin by LetTheMusicPlay
fortune and freedom by moshelove
Reggae Torah by Cantor
Heavy Petting by BobRoberts
string ’em up Mr.Judge by woofer3
Cabana Boy by tsand19151
Set Me Free by BobRoberts
In Love With You (edit 69) by bonnieprincejohnny
The Lost People by Mangwisto
Smokey Savage by Savage_Beast
Tried To Reason by Mckenzie
N Digen by innermoore
It Says Alternative by Jam_Chowder
What I know by Rebelution
The last time by BenedictJames
Different Kind of Love by tmcfate

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