Folk Music – vol. 3

Folk Music – Vol. 3 – in which I highlight more contemporary folk than listed in the last volume…

Never Grow Old by karasoul
My Old Friend Jack – daddyg (George Michael and the Puddle Jumpers)
Live and Die This Way by admiralebay
years from now by RacerX
Skinning Legs and All – Brian D
Between the phonecalls (and when the horoscope says bad things) by Hea
Keys To Aberdeen – Dennis James
Over It – ILoveVariousArtists
Final Words – TobinMueller
Down This Old Dirt Road by lavalamp
Rolling Home by TomFairnie
Dominique – Bonka
A Love Song – Remark80
Words for This – paulhenrys
A Wise Old Owl by paddler
Show No Fear – philonnie
Just tell Rosanne by pablatone
Winds Of Change – rtcooper/jiguma
Tunnel Vision by Micheal_Wark
Green – jesushairdo
Say It Now – Leebo
If Not Now, Why? – brb (Brian Bice)
Let You Down by soulmonk
Red River Valley by The Fritters
Walk Strong by Scott Carmichael
SAYING SO YOU’LL KNOW – jiguma w/kevmikwa
Everybody Seems To… –  The Fritters
Accordion – Nolan
Away – mowguy3
A future that is carrying your weight – selters
Grapes – jonx
knock on the door by rustykangaroo
FLAWED (redux) by stacey
Cherry – jonx
A Thousand Ways – UncleTupeloFan
Coffee by mythago

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