Folk/Folk-Rock Music – vol. 4

Folk Music – Vol. 4 – in which I highlight more contemporary folk & folk-rock…

Fated – quarkhead (Dirk Lind)
By This River – moorlandt
In Love With It All – Brian D
Adios – brb
Faithful Hound – paddler
so much more – Scott Carmichael
Gold – Remark80
For Sure, For Now – The Fritters
Today – I. Spike
Play Along by mattshockley
Jenny Lee (Is Back in Town) – BossHook
Takin time – MarkHolbrook
When I Grow Up – Peter Greenstone
Home For Sale – UncleTupeloFan
Better Still – Remark80
BIG DRY (w Ms jig) – jiguma
broken bell – buckhorn w/smokeyvw
Find Yourself – dajama
Eleonore – blaky smith
Fallin’ In – Remark80
Cold Wet Dublin Rain – PaperAngel
Honest John – ILoveVariousArtists
Iridium Flare – Peter Greenstone
His Baby – droop
Stay With Me – sometimesthree
To Love and Not Be Loved – jim mason
Walls – TobinMueller
having a good day for… it – bonnieprincejohnny
Better Still – Remark80
Fallen – stacey
It’s Gettin’ Dark Around Here – Dennis James
I’m Dreaming Again – Nolan
Don’t Stay Away – SJB
Find Him – Scott Carmichael
Lullaby for the Sleepless – Joshosh
If The Stars Fall – dajama
Dwell – Jim Bouchard
IF I CAN – craighalkett
I will run – josephgvincent
Little Delilah ver 2 – HypnotiQ Sorcere
Joy– jonx

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