Texas Threesome: Jack Hemby/Terry Pearson/Pat Robinson

Three Macjammers were band mates in the “old days” and have reconnected recently to share their old and new music on MacJams: Jack Hemby, Terry Pearson and Patrick Robinson. Two of them have nearly the same member name (davisamerica and davisamerica2), and when I contacted one of them for a blog interview, I didn’t realize they were more than one person. It was Jack’s idea to combine everyone into a single interview. Sounded like fun.

Their stories include brushes with Stevie Ray Vaughn (Jack actually turned him down when he wanted to join their band, before anyone knew who he was), Led Zeppelin (before they became famous) and others, but the real story is how their own lives are interwoven with each other… and how the Internet brought them back together after years apart. As Michael2 put it, “Psychedelic hooligans with guitars and stolen church speakers, looking for the beach in Dallas.” Survivors.

I’ve never handled a threesome, so bear with me…

What do you guys do for a living?

TERRY (davisamerica2): First, I want to thank you for your interest in our music. I’m davisamerica2, but during the day I am Terry Pearson, and I am a postal worker. (Sounds like I’m confessing before a support group.)

JACK (davisamerica): I currently work with a partner supplying “third party” inspection and certification for utility and pipeline companies.

PATRICK (Outtaorbit): My page is Outtaorbit, my real name is Patrick Robinson. The name is a reference to growing up in Cocoa Beach, Florida. I watched the first moon launch sitting on my surf board. Oh yes sometimes I’m mad as a hatter, might be a reference to that also. I was a railroad engineer.

You guys where in a band together. How did that come about?

TERRY: When I first met Jack, the vision is vague. I do remember him exiting his house at the beckoning of Juett, our organist (and son of an employee of Jack’s dad). He was wearing a military dress jacket. These were Sgt. Pepper days, and I thought, “Man! That is cool!” This was a small town and you couldn’t even find such vintage apparel in garage sales. People clung to their memories. This guy was said to be a drummer, my particular vocation and office with the band. We let him sit in on our rehearsal and were stunned by his expertise and worldly superiority. (He could work his hands and feet at the same time!) I gladly relinquished my drumsticks and embraced the lead guitar, which was my first love anyway.

We soon discovered our mutual desire to write our own music and began right away, some of which I remember today and have even copyrighted. Our first performance of an original tune was in Wayne, Oklahoma, and if you ever want to visit this place, heed closely the sign off the highway which says “Payne-turn left” and “Wayne-turn right.” You’ll know Payne. It’s more rural, and you might hit a cow if you’re driving at night. Wayne is more urban – they have a stop sign downtown. You turn right at this and go two blocks (there are no more blocks after that) and the building we played at is on the right. Hops were big at this time and we had a crowd of 10 or possibly even 15. The rent-a-cop agreed to 10 bucks and went home early. The band played our first composition, one called “Drifting Through Flowers.” Very 60’s and colorful. Jack played harmonica and sang harmony while I sang lead and played lead guitar. That gives you an idea of how we got started.

JACK: Well as Terry said, he and I got together in Oklahoma during our High School years. Patrick was always hanging around and jamming with us when I moved to Texas. We actually played some limited gigs with the three of us in Texas (Patrick on bass) and then there was the infamous Oklahoma road trip to Davis and Pauls Valley one winter where we actually kinda clicked well.

PATRICK: I moved to Texas – much to my disgust (there’s not a lot of ocean around Dallas) – where I was lucky and met Jack who had been in real bands and had the same world view of music I did. Jack had a friend named Terry, who I was introduced to the night of a six hour jam as we wowed them in Pauls Valley, OK. Great stuff that night. But times were short and sweet after that. Terry joined the army and I got drafted. He went to Germany; I went to Vietnam. When I came home I purchased a Fender Strat and have carried it around through one divorce and a thousand miles of sometimes hard road.

Did you perform before meeting?

JACK: My band buddies and I formed our first garage band in Dallas in 1965. We were in 6th grade. Our first live gig was “Mr. Peppermint” – lol. It was an early morning kids television show that had local bands on to play a couple of tunes. It was actually our first near miss with something close to fame as Jerry Haynes is the father of Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers. It was a strange gig. As we played our take on “Gloria, ” Muffin the puppet and Mr. Wiggly Worm kept popping in to the camera shot. There we were in our carnaby attire with puppets thinking we had finally made it. Totally hilarious, in retrospect. We actually did play quiet a few gigs for Gordon McClendon’s theaters for a couple of years and actually opened for The Gees – a local area band with a couple of 45s out at the time. “Teen Clubs” were hot then and we played every teen club in dallas.

TERRY: My band started out on air guitars, and then progressed to baseball bats and tennis rackets, finally settling on real guitars, which required real work. The Beatles created a wave of excitement in all these small towns, and there were many kids forming groups. Instruments were hard to come by so, a set of drums might be shared by several bands. Square dance PA’s with built in turntables were used, and loudspeakers from the tops of churches kept disappearing. Most of our equipment was borrowed, but then our bass player abused someone’s bass during “I Can See For Miles” by The Who and people didn’t loan us anything after that. We toured regionally within a thirty-mile radius, and our fame spread across the pastureland. We called ourselves The Shades of Grey. We had Juett on organ, whose dad wanted to manage us, and put us in tuxedos. Wade was on bass, and sweated mud. Butch was our lead singer, who was a Sinatra from Hell, but very agile on rooftops. My brother, Ken was on guitar, and I was on drums, till Jack came along.

PATRICK: Early on, I picked up harmonica (blues), playing with a couple of red headed brothers, Ronnie and Terry Mckhun, playing outside the Atlantis coffee house/head shop. Terry gave me an old guitar and taught me a two string blues progression, and three chords. I played them everyday all day until my mother and friends wept.

Any brushes with famous people during your travels?

JACK: Our closest scrape with anyone famous involved Stevie Ray Vaughn. It was the thing to do to go downtown and check out all the music stores on weekends. We met this scruffy looking kid on Saturday from south Dallas who said he was looking for a band. He came to practice the next Sunday with this huge circular stack amplifier and honestly scared us to death. I mean he was just so far ahead of us and way more mature musically. We thought “well this will never work.” All during this time I was the drummer but our guitarist turned pale on the spot and since he owned the PA and all the microphones we never called him back. Pretty dumb move indeed and is a true story.

TERRY: I never met him (Stevie Ray). But I did hear him play in Dallas at some restaurant/bar on Greenville Ave. His music floored me, and I took some notes on his technique which I employ to this day. He was somewhat heftier than his later years and wore a Kangaroo hat that just wasn’t him. And I thought when this guy slims down and loses that hat, people are really going to embrace his music! Human nature is brutal. But, I was right.

PATRICK: There was a town in Florida called Merritt Island, there was a car garage there that would rent out every week-end and bands would play. Spirit, Procoul Harem. But there was this one band that rocked, and the guitar player would play with a bow string. I saw them so much and talked with them doing the breaks that when Led Zeppelin put out there first album, I already knew all the songs. Great times for three dollars-a-pop. Paige is crazy and Plant was the quiet one, go figure!

Other career highlights?

JACK: Other career highlights… LOL. You know, I have kept up with the blogs you have been doing, Tobin, and they are such a treat to read. It is amazing, the backgrounds so many of the subjects have had professionally. And then there is us three blokes. How in the heck did we end up here? This [Macjams] is my career highlight. It is the place where “peers” have said “oh yeah, I get that”. And you know what? I’m having so much fun, it was worth the wait.

PATRICK: Terry and Jack pursued a musical career and I drifted off in other directions. Sometimes I would play bass if they needed one if they were writing, but mostly Jack and I would jam for hours with the strat and drums. It was good times. All of it was the whole of my formal musical education, from the two string blues progression to Jack and Terry.

TERRY: No career highlights to speak of. I guess that’s because it stopped being a career. Being a husband and a father took up most of my time. But, that’s not a complaint. I just had better things to do. My beautiful wife, Janis, died about two years ago from cancer, and my son and daughter have long since been able to cross the street on their own. (Though my son and I are now roomies.) And so my music is a pretty steady activity now. At least it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.

How has your wife’s death affected your music or musical directions?

TERRY: First of all, I need things to keep me occupied. Before, my only purpose was to care for her and my children, and so I suddenly found myself out of a job. My music had always been there as a rainy day fund. I picked up on it and stayed busy. I began mentoring a friend of mine who was trying to escape his grunge-punk rut and helped him write and produce some music most of the civilized world could relate to. I sang lead vocals on some of his CD’s, and he established himself locally as a serious writer. We stayed on it until we reached the end of his writing season, and then I picked up my own music again to update and polish, and to assemble a repertoire for a good 2 or 3 hour gig. I threw in covers from several other local singer-songwriters whose music I admired, and even some songs from Macjammers. I also threw in some vintage Bob Dylan. The feedback has been encouraging. I found several restaurants and coffee shops which have put me on a regular schedule, and I’ve latched onto parties and special occasions. Yes, it’s a good feeling when people say they like your music.

Jack sent me a song to work on called The Silent Sea. It was a song about his Mom’s devotion to his father, Jack Sr. when he had died. I knew Big Jack, and I respected and admired him very much. He even served as a watchdog and counselor on this recording deal Jack and I were considering. He had a better understanding of contracts than we did. This song, The Silent Sea, hit a personal note with me, obviously, and Jack let me add a couple of verses and sing it. Janis was on my mind, and I’m still trying to sing it without choking up.

I am very thankful to God that He took my wife relatively quickly. It did occur roughly 3 years after the first diagnosis, but she enjoyed health and hope up until only 2 months until the end. And the doctors kept her comfortable.

How has this changed my music? Well, when she was alive, naturally, my music was “the other woman.” And she always let me know “It’s her or me!” What man can understand the female mind, for at the same time she bragged to friends and strangers about her hubby’s talents. But now there is no doubt that she would approve of this “other woman.” Like I said before; it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. Does my music have a different meaning to me now? No. My music is my music.

What songs do you cover by fellow Macjammers?

TERRY: “I Just Want To Love You Today” by Brent Owens; and “Silent Sea,” “I Thought That You Should Know,” and “Oceania Mother” by Jack.

Do you remember the first song you wrote?

TERRY: Yeah, the song was called “Drifting Through Flowers,” and I believe Jack played harmonica on it. I had some chords, and Jack put down the melody and lyrics. We debuted the next night with the band. Went pretty well. We were encouraged to do more, so we kept them coming after that.

JACK: The first song I ever wrote was with Terry. We wrote this song about “purple flowers and rainbow something” one night for a lark but it actually had an okay flow to it and I discovered I could rhyme words somewhat. We played it the next night at a cover dance and have been dabbling ever since … and no, I could not play it now but Terry I am sure could. I found my first musical soul mate in Oklahoma. The year and a half I spent in Oklahoma playing with Terry and his band were some of the best times ever.

PATRICK: No, not really. I’m always writing things, short stories, poems, you know, lots of things.

How long did you guys stay together as a band?

JACK: My junior year saw my family move back to Texas and fortunately Terry and I stayed connected with him driving to see me or me to Oklahoma every weekend and writing constantly. This is the time I met Patrick. Patrick and I both ended up in a small cliquish town where we were “odd men out” and we just gravitated to each other for support. Patrick was also my musical mentor when Terry was inducted into the armed services in the early 1970s.

PATRICK: Off and on for several years.

JACK: When Terry returned from duty the circle would come full turn in a way and end our collaborations for awhile. Ken Dowe was a very hot DJ in the Dallas area and worked for the McClendon station KLIF. Ken had been instrumental in promoting groups like The Five Americans (Western Union fame) in the Dallas market. We were able to get an interview with him and an A&M records promoter to play some of our tunes. It went well and we spent about a year off and on in the studios in Dallas “honing” our material. It was decided we needed to go on the road to work out the kinks and this was not going to happen. I had one very bad marriage I was trying to save and Terry had one very wonderful one he was cultivating. The last time Terry, Patrick and I played together was in Davis, Oklahoma (hence davisamerica). By 1982 the instruments were packed and we seldom talked until around 2006. Patrick and I continued to drag out the drums and guitars to jam but writing was a dead issue.

TERRY: We wrote up until Jack moved away. And then I joined the Army and kept in touch. You asked about Pat, and if there was any rivalry there [after he joined the scene]. I took to Pat like Jack did. Pat was part of our music from the beginning of the “Texas days.” You sit around with your friends and you talk about things you like, and then you write about those things. Pat eased in, a little at a time, with his own contributions. He was initially more attentive with what Jack and I were working on than his own stuff, but we benefited more and more from Pat’s musical leanings.

PATRICK: Terry’s right. We all became fast friends… still are.

What were some early influences?

JACK: I was luckily surrounded by music as long as I can remember. Mom used to tell me when Liberace would come on TV I would put a pillow in my lap and pretend to play along. I think I must have been around 3. My dad was a big jazz fan so there was always that playing on the stereo. I played trumpet in junior high school. I was always a pretty shy kid and music was a place to run away to. I would sit in front of that big stereo console player for hours just lost in sound. My earliest influences was any orchestra work, Marty Robbins and The Ventures – wow that sounds weird – the Beach Boys really captured my attention in as far as thinking ‘I could do that’ – and then came The Beatles and all bets were off.

TERRY: I’ve been writing and playing music since high school. I picked up the guitar because, why else, I wanted to be a Beatle. But, then the more and more I played, I just wanted to be me and started making up my own music. I linked up with Jack, and we wrote some original tunes for our band. We’ve been writing together off and on ever since.

PATRICK: My grandfather, who loved classical music, taught me that music was the world. He was a electrical engineer and built his own stereo. It was massive, with a cherry wood turntable and sixteen speakers. It played every afternoon over drinks, set evening dinners mood and got a little jazzy for parties. I loved it all. He was a member of the Columbia record club and one day going through his collection. I found one he had not sent back, Bob Dylan‘s “The Times They are A Changing.” I didn’t really like that little nasal voice, but I understood the urgency and I was hooked and realized that music was more than images, it was a collection of souls that a person could touch and feel and be set free by.

When did you join the digital revolution?

JACK: In 2005 I was given a MacBook as a birthday present by my son matthew. I really could not see what use it would be to a working stiff like me but son matthew said ‘check out GarageBand, dad…’ Loops turned me back on!

TERRY: I’m still kicking and screaming, but I’m trying to learn. I got a Macbook, and I can’t deny the benefits, but keep asking, “Was the horse and buggy so bad?”

PATRICK: About the same time as Jack. He showed me his Mac and I showed him mine…

Did having a computer help you get back in touch with each other?

JACK: Fate can be cruel – my sole reason for trying to get back in contact with Terry was to comfort him during his late wife’s illness and during our talks we discussed music and ‘this Mac thing.’ It became a way for us to reconnect. For that I am grateful.

TERRY: I had a regular PC, but never employed it musically. Jack came up and showed me what he was doing with his Macbook, and I soon got one of my own. This helped greatly in our reconnection, and we were able to send tracks back and forth.

PATRICK: Jack and I have always lived near each other. But now there are lots of projects. Fun stuff.

What are some obstacles you’ve had to overcome?

JACK: I am bi-polar and it has been a challenge for everything in my life. I don’t like to call it an obstacle because I hate the idea of “being a victim.” I was diagnosed very late in life and thankfully it is manageable. It has also ‘colored’ so many judgement calls on relationships. I regret that. I began to understand the power of this disease while working as an emergency room chaplain and addictions counselor in the mid 1980s. I think it must have been God’s way of getting me some much needed help. I still can become way over focused on the miniscule and that’s when Patrick leans back, cigar in hand and reminds me, “It’s only rock and roll, Bucky.” I need that.

PATRICK: That is nice of Jack to say that, but I don’t know how I help really. Sometimes I laugh at him, sometimes I scream at him. But we have been friends a long time and you just have to make him back up and sit down and get perspective. It’s only rock and roll, the end of the world will be much better produced.

JACK: I suppose one of the main “musical” obstacles I have is being self taught. I only began to play keyboards when we moved back to Texas. No one needed a drummer, so I learned how to play four fingered piano. I have always been envious of terry and his mastery of his instrument. This limits me quite a bit and makes me take much more time laying down a track than other musicians. I’m also pretty uncomfortable with my voice range. Terry has always been the lead vocalist with us and I only took the lead on our first macjams post because, well, someone had to and I had a few tunes in the bin.

TERRY: Well, I have to confess, I was never that good of a guitarist in my early years. I just lacked the discipline. And now that I’ve reached a maturity that expects discipline, my fingers just don’t have that fearless energy anymore, and my wrists are now restricted by an arthritic curse. But, it’s an obstacle I can deal with for now.

What is your recording process?

JACK: We utilize garageband for the most of our work although we do use a Korg D3200 board on occasion. I use a WK-1630 Casio keyboard – a dinosaur that works well for me. For drums I use a Yamaha DTX express IV drum kit. All three of us various M-Audio interfaces (good thing/ bad thing).

TERRY: I’ve mostly used a Fostex VF80 with a condenser mic for vocals and acoustic guitars. I have a Yamaha Portatone PSR 530 keyboard which I also use for percussion tracks. I usually lay down the drums, then a guitar, then keys. The vocals always come last, but I sometimes use a temporary track initially for reference. Lately, I’ve been recording more with GarageBand and have gotten with a tutor a couple of times to explore it’s potential. It will probably be my choice device eventually. Nice piece of equipment!

PATRICK: GarageBand.

JACK: Mixing is still a real challenge as I am very much a newbie and learning constantly. Being partially deaf in the left ear from high level rock and roll noise offers challenges to proper balancing. The thing that helps me on mixing the most is sending everything to iTunes for a final listen and then taking it to the car for a road test, not hi tech but works for me right now. Mastering takes forever with me and I find it best to do it in stages. Work some, walk away for a bit, then take another listen. Some of the best tips I have received were on the forums and comments to songs. Heheh. MJ artist “***itiswotitis***” finally explained to me about panning. I mixed to the left forever not realizing you had to be set in “mono” for panning to work. Thanks Jo! APB, Drakonis and Jiguma have also been generous in their help and guidance. So newbie MacJammers, pay attention and ask!

How do you write a song?

JACK: I most always need a melody before the words appear and that is odd because I used to love to write poetry. If I have a rhythm line I can hear a melody. I guess it is the drummer in me or maybe the marching band experience in high school. Words still tend to be my strongest point, I think. I worry about the flow and rhythm of words as much as the content – that probably shows. My weakest point as I said before is my technical ability to actually play. I get around it by having two wonderful musicians that can cover the bumps fairly well.

TERRY: Most of my songs are stories, or better; musical pictures. They don’t preach. They don’t tell you what to think; they just tell you to think. Sometimes the sea can get too calm, and I have this mischievous urge to rock the boat. Don’t we all? Jack and I are writing again, and it’s as if we never stopped. I can’t come up with an entire idea when he’s in the room or on the other end of the line. I like to say we’re identical twins because of this weird characteristic in our relationship. It’s kind of like when one twin starts a sentence and the other finishes it. We’ve always had this natural connection, which I believe matured at the closing of the first day we met. We’re still trying to decide which set of parents kidnapped which Davisamerica. Seriously, it’s been a long hiatus, and we’re slowly working our musical collaboration into our busy schedules, but it will settle naturally and we’ll be back to producing a steady stream of musical gems as before.

Many of the compositions with Jack that we did in the past thrust upon me an adventure that I could never experience solo. These were the colorful and provocative lyrics he would give me, and fitting music around them produced melodies and rhythms I would never come up with on my own. And then his melodic creations inspire my lyrical passions. You can spot his thoughts in his music. It speaks clearly.

PATRICK: I learned so much from those two about writing and music in general that it’s too much to write here. Suffice to say they were my guides and good friends. They were the writers and producers and in my opinion the true artists.

JACK: There are a few tunes the three of us have actually pulled off as a trio: Walking Blues and Losing in Miami features Terry on guitar and vocals, Patrick on bass guitar and me filling in with vocals, drums and keyboard.

How’s your Macjams experience so far?

JACK: Fantastic, in a word. I mean, here I am, just me and all these wonderful musicians from around the world and I can actually talk to them and download all this wonderful, free music. I have bought very little “commercial music” over the past 8 months of being here. Just amazing really. To be a small part of a huge revolution in music. A free global musical playground 24/7, what’s not to like?

TERRY: Jack introduced me to MacJams, and I was stunned to hear that real music does exist. I’d always thought of it as vinyl. But, it’s skin. It’s not airwaves. It’s an actual beating heart. These are real people. This is real music. MacJams is a wonderful society of music makers. It’s a vast reservoir of unique musical ideas and personalities. Whatever style or genre you’re into, there is an extensive roster of talented artists who are into it too, and linking up with them can turn your little firecracker into an explosion.

PATRICK: It wasn’t until Jack showed me MacJams that I saw a way to become musically active again and in three weeks I wrote Candy.” MacJams has introduced me to hundreds of people and styles. It was a open door that I hope never closes. It has in many ways brought three people back together and allowed me to touch the hearts of others through their music here.

What’s your favorite tune you’ve posted on Macjams?

JACK: I suppose Emma is the tune I am most proud of. She came full blown in an afternoon and I still do not understand from where. It is a tune I think is “complete.” I am a very bad “dad” to my tunes really. Once they are done I am already thinking down the line.

TERRY: Hard to say. I’m really pleased with Homestead, because people seemed to enjoy the story. The beauty is in its simplicity, and I can handle simplicity. I put an old one on called Pizzazz. This one makes people smile, and I can never get enough of seeing that.

PATRICK: Candy, I think. Not the best or the worst, but it was solid Rock n’ Roll and the first thing I had written in years.

Has Macjams made it easier to collaborate?

JACK: This is where some of my work has finally turned the corner into something nicer. I have had the honor to work with folks like feter, bud, michael2, dajama, drakonis, gail60, smokeyVW and dee1962z… not to mention davisamerica2 and outtaorbit. We also have some work coming up with mystified and alfalpha. How lucky is that? Collaborations are the one way I know to expand your musical vista in a big way. Macjams offers great opportunities for this and the “challenges” are excellent exercises as well.

TERRY: This is what is so alluring about Macjams. It’s an audience of performers. You cannot just sit and play and not feel this urge for group participation. Songwriters in the Round! Jump in anytime! I compared it to walking into a kitchen with a wall of spice racks. The possibilities are endless. You just start cooking!

PATRICK: The feedback from the other Macjammers, good or bad, is wonderful.

JACK: A pretty good example of the process I use can be traced thru the progression of 1am with gail60 to mist with mystified. The original work/ idea track was posted as loop10 on the rabbitwhole site. This basic track was one Patrick and I had been playing with and posted as an open collab. Working with gail60 on the Woodstock Challenge (1am with gail60) the lyrics were completed. This is the version Gail was actually listening to when she turned a corner on this track. Mist with Mystified was the final polished electronic version we originally started with. Also, I really need to thank Paul F. Page and Roxylee for helping bring davisamerica2’s version of I Thought That You Should Know to completion, based on the original version I Thought I told You. We had been contacted by a Macjammer composer who wanted to expand and orchestrate this tune and Roxy was on board to help with vocals. The composer left Macjams and had only completed a rough introduction. With the help of Magnatone we were able to hook up with Paul and he graciously helped us complete the project. We know nothing of “snapping to grid” and this was a real challenge to orchestrate and took a lot of back and forth with Paul to complete this track. Paul was great to work with – very patient and encouraging. An amazing experience.

How has the internet/Macjams changed your music goals, and personal time management?

JACK: LOL! I am an addict! Yep, an addict. Macjams is unique in ways as it is a site of dedicated musicians. you get the “odd Bob” here but for the most part, these are real musicians, real people and real accessible and honestly open to help you get better at your craft no matter what level you are at. I am just a silly little old rocker who is having the time of my life…!

TERRY: My goal is to get better. Macjams offers valuable critiques. These people know music. Your everyday friends, bless their hearts, just want to make you feel good. Your Macjamming friends tell you what you need to know.

PATRICK: I check it every morning, see who’s on line and what’s going on. There have been some pretty funny mornings. Gail60 and Magnatone are both a hoot. I pay attention to Michael2 and Peter Bauckham. There are so many more too numerous to mention. So much talent in one spot.

JACK: Why I really love this site: The music is amazing but the people here are killer cool and I do feel like I’ve made some friends around the world. I seriously doubt davisamerica will ever world tour – lol – but this place is wonderful. A great story involving a very close “brother” – Feter McBlues is MJ to me. He is always the first to take a listen and offer a kind word. Feter and I have become very close. I would trust this guy with my back anytime. One night we were on chat and Feter says to hold on because he is going to call me up and he does. As you know, Feter has this wonderful deep full singing voice and when I answered the phone here is this soft mid ranged voiced and I just cracked up. I told him “Feter, man, you sound nothing like I thought you would.” Without out breaking stride, he said, “Well I am a wee bit nervous.” I love and cherish that experience… so “right then.”

What are you continued musical aspirations?

JACK: Terry and I didn’t start to write for money or fame really. Writing and performing just gave us this incredible high and felt so right. So, probably the time for touring has past but this site gives us a wonderful opportunity to “re-live” the high and that is worth some money!

TERRY: Well, they aren’t that lofty. To me, success is a tip jar filled to the brim. My goal is to keep writing and singing and playing, and to have people enjoy listening to it. I guess this is the obstacle in my music that I overcame early on. I made my music take a back seat to the things that are really important. There was a time it insisted on “riding shotgun.” But that’s not how it should be. It’s only music. When you give yourself this freedom, you can excel in anything you do.

I’ve been more active in performing my music lately. Playing mainly in bookstores, coffee shops and bars, I prefer performing for small crowds, (though if I ever experience playing for a large one, I will probably be OK with that). I do enjoy playing when people are listening, however, the performing thing was spurred mainly for added income following my wife’s passing. My newfound energy for music making would have come about nevertheless. Whether I’m playing before a crowd or playing before the kitchen table, the joy is the same. We often are frustrated by our inability to express what we’re feeling, and when we attempt it we may as well be speaking in tongue. Nobody understands it. But with my music, as with anyone who God has blessed in this way, there is this universal language of the heart, and it feels good to be understood.

PATRICK: Jazz is now my first love. By the way, in the background, while I was writing this, Dylan’s playing. Old habits die hard.

TERRY: This is all I can think of now, Tobin. My fingers are tired, but this I fun.



Jack Hemby (davisamerica)
Terry Pearson (davisamerica2)
Patrick Robinson (outtaorbit)


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    Great stuff, guys. Pretty amazing when you stop and think about it.

  6. sloparts Says:

    It’s so nice to finally get to know a little about some of the nicest guys on MJ. You have always been so kind to me when you review one of my songs, and I just wanted to say thank you, and I’m really glad to be able to get to know you after all this time.

    Tobin, thanks for doing this series of interviews. It is a good thing you’re doing, in helping us all get to know each other better. Thank you

    To all I say, Take care, stay well, and be cool.


  7. dajama Says:

    Tobin, for someone who’s never handled a threesome before, you did a fine job! And as for the three in the threesome, what a terrific account. Moving, riveting, and sometimes just hilarious, this is a great story of three musical minds meeting and drifting apart, diverging and coalescing, and ultimately sparking off each other to produce (and inspire!) music. You guys are a creative force, and a hoot to boot. It’s been a pleasure and an education to get to know your music, and I’m looking forward to what comes next. Thanks for sharing your stories.



  8. Terry Says:

    Thanks again, Tobin. Hope everyone finds our humble beginnings interesting. We all have a story. I’d like to hear them all. You would be a very busy man.

  9. Bill Says:

    Enjoyed reading, sorry to here about your wife Terry ! I think you went to Viet Nam, so did I. I joined the Navy to get out of there, but that is one of the first places they sent me.

    Thanks all, for sharing the story.

  10. michael2 Says:

    that was an awesome read, psychedelic hooligans with guitars and stolen church speakers, looking for the beach in dallas. great. glad to see this one. it was cool to see where you guys have come up from.

  11. Vic Holman Says:

    what a great interview.

    I didn’t know you guys had a past together. This was a great read.

    Through a lot of these interviews I’m finding that there sure are a lot of working (past & present) pro musicians here.

  12. davisamerica Says:

    ok brother ..”erika” is in the dock … man you are just the best and the real story here… see you in a few days my brother

  13. alfalpha Says:

    Tobin, Terry, Jack & Patrick,
    What a fascinating read!
    These blokes are an integral part of the MacJams community- they are ‘what it’s all about’.
    Congratulations on a terrific blog- and Thank You Jack for letting me have ‘a go’ at ‘Mania’,
    Cheers & Regards,

  14. Lennon714 Says:

    What a fun read! That’s so cool how you guys have reconnected after the years. Best wishes!

  15. Tobin, Jack ,Terry & Patrick Says:

    Hi you guys I feel extremely proud of you all. Jack,Terry &Patrick Well done !
    I also enjoyed the fun read too Tobin Well done. Brilliant blog.
    And thanks guys for even thinking I was good enough to add to some of your
    fantastic music. ( I really mean that too )

    Peace Dee xxxx

  16. no! no! Dee1962z Says:

    See what I mean already I made a boo boo with my sincere heartfelt comment.


  17. apb Says:

    ..been aware of the connection between you guys since I landed like a parachutist on a Texas cactus in chat .. complaining you were all “black” (using the default chat color I hasten to add this time :o)). Really great to finally hear the fuller story/background to your friendships and presence here. A great read, great idea with the 3 way interview – thanks to all involved. On with the horse and buggy revolution .. hehehe ;o)

    Oh and glad to be of some help to you guys, anytime.


  18. MarkHolbrook Says:

    Knew you guys had been around a while. Great to hear the story!

  19. Orbit Says:

    Guess who is always late in his regards?
    When you can read comments from people you care about, in some strange long distance way. And the comments are from the ones you respect ….. well the world is a open door.
    Thanks Tobin and all.

  20. davisamerica Says:

    hello and right then … dunno much about this blogg thing … is it a sticky mess best to avoid .. or are you suppose to actually write stuff back to. ok … just gonna jump in and sorry if you get wet. firsties thanks to everyone on some really nice comments. nextlies we had a few days in okla. recently .. by now have something new up. that said … when were you last flumoxed by something you couldn’t fix and had to work around? during the okla. trip we had pretty much trashed terry’s voice the day after i came home his voice was gone. i had brought a great collab tune with me by Bob Rodgers and we really needed some vocals . someone should have already had a version out on this wonderful track. Emma had furnished a few lyrics but nothing else. terry went thru numerous takes and his voice kept getting worse. if you know terry’s voice well you notice a most pronounced rasp in the tracks final cut. we used some “meagaphone” and distortion on the 5 vocal tracks. we could have waited another few weeks i suppose but i kinda like the final feel to the vocals.
    the new tune “Blood Red Sky” a collab with Bob Rodgers is up on site now and is subject of the story. and for those who know where the “hidey whole” is … something new there as well from okla. …. right then .. if all that preceding stuff said … somebody please tell me the rules of the blogg … : -]

  21. davisamerica Says:

    well right then .. for the record .. davis1 is on hiatus … not gone… not deleting … just working. seems a rash of “goodbyes” on site .. :- [ … anyroad .. appears talking to myself here and that is ok .. kinda therapeutic. very anxious about new “expanded project” Mr. Big … what the heck am i thinking. I really wanted to give a project like this a go but now in the middle of it i am overwhelmed. 2 hours of rough mix and i have hit a wall. I think it’s just the process with something like this but still spooky. so… right then .. i will get back to me later with more details… : -]

  22. davisamerica Says:

    hello me … another rough track done … so we have a beginning … kinda a middle and end … and i still am not sure where anything fits yet. what makes a powerful man fall to his knees in despair … hmmm … “blinded” rough cut is up on the “hidey hole” site and has gotten some pre production suggestions … all of them great. ……. i’ve bitten it off … now can i chew it properly? this thing is … ummm big… later me.

  23. davisamerica Says:

    Eureka! have finally met the main character fully … we have begun to talk and the story is finally begun to reveal …. first guitar tracks to patrick …. i can breathe a bit now …. thanks me for listening

  24. davisamerica Says:

    2nd day into blocking scenes … also completion tracks with 2 female MJ artist in works. amazing this … 2 diametrically different artist … radical different styles. This has been an interesting bit for me … as we block out the scenes different characters are claiming different tunes than expected. The characters are presenting themselves more fully each day and that is a strange experience. DWL has signed on today for some spotlight work and we are really excited about that … Dick is a true gentleman and wonderful artist and will fill the spaces nicely. As we progress now it is escalating but I think the sense all of us have is to be cautious and try and do it as correctly as we can. Len Gold continues to be large support for us. ….”and all the while it’s spinning…” :- ]

  25. davisamerica Says:

    so a nice nite tonite on MJ … eddie was kind and cool … nite MJ

  26. davisamerica Says:

    rotfl!!! a track called “sex is power” … done and in the can … a Patrick tune with a perfect casting voice from one of the sexiest voices on MJ. We have really had such great help with several “MJ cast members” …. this has begun to feel like fun.

  27. davisamerica Says:

    today was hard… completed the initial recording of “awake”. this tune required a lot of digging … what happens when everything is valued and sorted .. and you have bet on the wrong pony …….

  28. davisamerica Says:

    11 tracks are “blocked” finals to terry, DWL and patrick …. sleep

  29. davisamerica Says:

    maddening … “blinded” has been moved up and no longer represents an ending to this work. major shift on main character and resolution … this guy is in my “head” all the time now… well that sounds certifiable ..lol .. this has been interesting really …. if you write or even read a lot …. characters can become well …. interestingly “real” unreal. ?? Anyroad … this guy is talking all the time and telling me when i have it wrong … ok … this still sounds like the wagon should be around any second … today is all about feeling “what the hell do you think you’re trying to do??!!” … a great call from a close friend made it better. Still listening to Patrick’s tune/ collab. rofl … probably one of the “best” we have so far.

  30. davisamerica Says:

    end of day note: … spent this afternoon and early evening pounding drum tracks … we try and use loops as a guide or click track and a lot as a “play off” percussion track and put as much live drum in as possible. best of both worlds really … plus i just felt like hitting something. mixing in josh mclaughlin’s leads for terry’s track … well just a little .. mainly hitting stuff….. BUT !! .. cool end to day… downloaded apb’s[ alan] contribution and dajama’s [david]…. is perfect but the cool thing is apb’s loaded in itunes and after playback went to his tune “heros”…. then loaded david’s and after his ran .. “… i don’t know who i am” … i just giggled. These guys are the “heavy weights” mark ..lol … and just great guys. I mean seriously … these guys are taking up space on my overtaxed hard drive and it is cool …. rotfl …. this is just crazy …

  31. davisamerica Says:

    hello self …. cathartic days indeed … plug DWL into “Awake” … he is brilliant. Mark H. forwarded initial lyrics for “biggie collab” … gail60 is working on final inserts for “Awake” today. Sent Feter a demo… like a true brother he responded in 10 minutes … from Syria.. lol … the guy never sleeps. The casting call for a choir has been amazing and may work. “Awake” …. man I hope this tune works .. it’s kicking me hard. “Sunrise” … mix is really done … so right then .. a good day.

  32. davisamerica Says:

    ok .. hullo myself … began putting the MJ Choir together … 8 folks .. wow. Had to enlist Roxylee to help me get pulled together. We now have 14 artist involved and this is blowing me away. such a wonderful group. age has taken on a solo bit i believe he will nail perfectly and len gold has been approached to take another. 80% there and still paddling hard. story line has gelled … “john” has been silent for a bit now .. “norah” continues to demand her story be told properly…. sleep

  33. davisamerica Says:

    right then as of late pm last nite 18 folks helping out + us = 21 .. omg. Roxey is going to be instrumental in helping “save the bacon” here. I am overwhelmed by the thought of how do you co ordinate 8 voices from remote locations and expect those folks to find a sense of one voice … i think this is where you let artist have full flight with some sense of general direction … and wait for the magic .. lol .. god i hope so anyway. anyroad .. roxy has let me catch a breath. most excellent news .. len gold to take a solo role … this is a guy i have really wanted to work with for some time. all the cast members remain completely in the dark about where this project is headed we just wanted it to be fresh for them as much as possible when we glue all this together. having to “lock” tracks constantly in gb … files are getting to be real fat boys .. save…save..save! email updates to everybody … i hope. work

  34. davisamerica Says:

    lol … getting so many emails from the choir … these guys r gonna rock… roxylee has indeed taken the lead here and i so appreciate her work and additions …. alannah will be so much of a surprise to the choir as well as age’s solo … ok folks … let’s take a week end ok?? man…..

  35. davisamerica Says:

    nite mj… indeed… so choir is coming together … these guys rock .. i can not express how much each artist efforts mean to me … this is gonna work … thank you roxy for getting the ball rolling … char is first .. she is so vibrant ..mark is 2nd .. i am so impressed with mark’s enthusiasm … roxy is just taking the ball and running … everyone else is so on task … it makes me smile and giggle … talked to feter tonite … man whot can be done for this gentle soul??? anyroad … 1 st run of choir was so cool …….. patrick came down and we were both all grins .. alannah’s track will so invigorate the choir … can hardly wait! nite…

  36. davisamerica Says:

    paul page just sent me “i think i can” instrumental ..wow. Paul had the project just a few days and he pulled this off .. it is beautiful.

  37. davisamerica Says:

    monday morning … just waiting for “fire toes” to complete chor mix .. mark is working on kazoos ..lol I suspect i owe a lot to one mj artist for keeping communication moving. still emptying email on server every day. “A” picked up bumped emails to me and re routed to cast … this artist is a deep running river .. surprises all the time. Roxy … a rock. “John” has been cast .. should be a good fit.

  38. davisamerica Says:

    so it is official i think ,,, gail60 and dajama [david] have taken the lead roles [norah and john grand] … i think .. they may be perfect .. notified cast …

  39. davisamerica Says:

    happy birthday me … week end off and have returned sun. nite with a surprise from Paul … an expanded version of “i think i can” .. is really brilliant .. email to gail and david .. hope they commit. Patrick down tonite .. long discussion about the “bigfinish”. Pat has walked with me through out this and I trust him. I am skitzzie about the whole thing now .. what if I blow it .. what if the computer rolls over with all the files [ spinning ball of death all the time now] We have followed our original parameters and everything has been done garageband “simple”. Working with 20 folks and doing it with mp3 emails [elementary stuff]. Using several “systems” but all of them are final mixed in GB. Really.. who cares. But … I do think we are pushing some boundaries here… maybe first extended work in gb and loaded as a whole … but really VW has done this already…. maybe first work to utilize so many folks as a whole .. but roxy has done this with drack’s birthday song .. so … nevermind. But … i am so blown away by listening to each person’s voice .. including Paul singing his demo.. I feel like I know these people so intimately … is an overwhelming thing and I am grateful. Can I do this???

  40. davisamerica Says:

    well right then ..dwl has sent demo to “right this way” … is brilliant. I have been skitzing recently and thanks to patrick feel better … dunno why ..lol … realized I am getting closer to completing this and is worrisome … the end represents such an intellectual mind muck … you can’t hide behind ” well i am still working here” .. it’s all about ..”did i even get close” … and i can’t answer those questions right now .. wowzers.

  41. davisamerica Says:

    well … :-] “doaders uncle” [doug] ok’d a track today ..”this city” ummm .. wow!! am close to finishing vocal add ons. still need to pull “i think i can” together for gail and david .. kinda a tricky mix … oh well. oh my ….

  42. davisamerica Says:

    did a really quick pull together of “this city” from a base of char and alannah’s mix .. some addys but will be done now quickly. feter back … thank god .. was worried . caught him in chat and talked a bit. i learned a lot from working with feter … learned how to work off mp3 files and compensate for in mix … invaluable for this project. i owe him so much. i love listening to these folks working … such a trip. have begun using “channelstrip” … uggh … a new program in the middle of this mess but i think i am going to like this program … so far seems worth the investment.

  43. davisamerica Says:

    ok … last post for this week end … been up 20 hours … just a great need to complete now has taken over from the dread of it a few days ago. a very amazing talent here at mj gave a wonderful gift today that has resolved some “story board” balance and moved the process a head quiet a bit …. and they have no idea how much. most of the scenes/characters fleshed out … i can clearly see them. cast still responding quickly and so energetically … we have become a single entity really. i no longer feel the pressure of being a solo entity. so many brilliant ideas have come from their contributions.

  44. davisamerica Says:

    …. one word .. “channelstrip” yeah!

  45. davisamerica Says:

    recording process recap. all of the music was eventually worked thru GB. this process was kept simple enough anyone with GB should be able to work with anyone regardless of the other’s recording system. Every track not recorded directly using GB was sent by email as an AIF or Mp3 track and “drug” into GB. There are some loops used for sound effects and one track is entirely a loop. One track was downloaded directly from the artist page on MJ and added to. “channelstrip” installed for GB is turning out to be a good way to final mix tracks. this process even worked gathering track additions with one cast member using a portable Mp3 recorder in Sweden.

  46. davisamerica Says:

    …… wow …. have the first completed master organized [ just a few plug ins from some of the artist but can now listen from beginning to end ] …. i am overwhelmed by the magic all the contributing artist have given this work. they were responsible, in a very large way, for turning this project around. the original concept was just a study in greed and power but it is now so much more … it has a heart. with some luck we can post first “singles” in a week or so and final posting of complete work in 2 weeks. have asked admin. for some “pr” on mac jams page …. no answer yet. i think the project deserves this boost … i know all the artist do. a bit concerned folks will miss this on “bigfinish” site. maybe tobin can help … dropped him a line anyway.

  47. davisamerica Says:

    talked several times to tobin yesterday …. what a great guy. he offered an alternative for posting but quiet frankly it is too involved for me to do. Mr. BP is kicking in on the low side and i need to finish this before he moves in for a bit. i guess it’s only fair … i used his high side for some momentum………
    “hello darkness my old friend”…. lol

  48. davisamerica Says:

    the wall … last two tracks 90 % done and my brain has shut down. long conversation with patrick last nite and he really tried to pull me out of this place i am in … he always does. i know the bottom of this cycle is close … i just need a bit more time … we are so close to a wrap.

  49. davisamerica Says:

    ask for help … terry and roxy … a wall

  50. davisamerica Says:

    mark h. dang it …. so many shoulders to lean on …

  51. davisamerica Says:

    patrick and i took 4 days w/o touching project. pieced together “sunny smile” from bits and pieces on the cutting room floor ..lol. should have been on “RW” but davis1 was at 13 songs ….. felt good.

  52. davisamerica Says:

    :-[ spent week end trying to send one of the major tracks to mark. 938mb “compressed” … fat boy would not go complete … some “data” info. not being sent with file … mark and i begin to work on “option B” … now nervous about “bulk” being a problem even when mixed and converted to Mp3 for loading to site. I am assuming the large file is due to all the live instruments.

  53. Orbit Says:

    jack finally went mad… but a little rest, and soup…. well we shall see

  54. davisamerica Says:

    soup … :-] still a two minute wall but Mark is on the job … better!

  55. davisamerica Says:

    :-] Patrick “mad as a hatter” bro.

  56. davisamerica Says:

    …. done … post in 2 weeks

  57. davisamerica Says:

    up http://www.macjams.com/artist/BigFinish

  58. Steve Juett Says:

    Jack and Terry,
    Just found you guys!! It was great to read and relive the good old days. Don’t know if you are still playing would love to come here you. Sorry to hear about Janice, Terry. A lot has happened. Also, Jack, sorry to hear about your dad. Mine passed away in 1996. Hopefully some day we can get back in contact. Keep up the good work!!

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  74. Jimmy Richardson Says:

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    The first time I met you was in your upper bedroom on North Chickasaw St. in Pauls Valley. You had just moved to town and some of my musician friends(Wade Weeks in particular) wanted me to meet you. As I recall, several things about you made quite an impression on me:
    1. You had much longer hair than most of the guys in our little rural town
    (even the hippy wanabees).
    2. You had a beautiful set of drums, the name of which I had never heard (As
    I recall it was a champagne-colored set of Sonors). And I had never seen
    such a thin snare drum before.
    3. You were a very good drummer and a had a smooth, yet powerful, style
    (In fact, your style was so impressive it first intimidated me but then it
    motivated this crude, self-taught, country boy drummer to aspire to be
    better… thanks!).
    4. And most importantly, for all your obvious talent you seemed a genuinely
    humble and all-around nice guy.

    I’ve thought of you often and wondered what’s going on in your life. Good to hear you’re still involved in music. I know, come what may, music is a love that never leaves.
    Do reply when you can and blessings on your musical endeavors.

    Blast From The Past,
    Jim Richardson

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  99. Addye Johnson Thole Says:

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    So glad you 2 are still playing your music.
    I remember those Pauls Valley days as if they were yesterday….good times. God bless you 2.

  100. ted ingram Says:

    wow just stumbled on this. i knew jack,terry,and pat. when we were all in greenville. good to see you back jamin. and all well. sorry to hear about janice terry. i dont go to texas anymore. it’s too hard to leave the mountains, and the horses. anytime you need a recording dont let me know. ted

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