Folk/Folk-Rock Music – vol. 5

Folk Music – Vol. 5 – more contemporary folk & folk-rock.
(see below for complete playlist)

Happiness – jonx
Over It – ILoveVariousArtists
The Wait – Remark80
Glimpses – Scott Carmichael
100 Mile Block – Bonka
Stopped changing – MarkHolbrook
Just Tell Rosanne – pablatone
Screaming – dajama
Everybody Knows/Collab – rtcooper
The Waitress – TobinMueller
Mixed Emotions – jiguma
song for Victor – josephgvincent
When She Danced – Dennis James
River Of Life – paddler/racerat/rebsie
Steel Streets – sschedra
Warmer on the Inside – Remark80
Setting Sun – hammhock (Kris MacQueen)
Do For Love – jiguma
Five Billion Years – merkutio (Paul Fidalgo)
Honesty In The Making – Supergene
Take It As It Comes – dajama
Subdivide – Peter Greenstone
Simplify (WoodstockMJ) – jiguma
Get it Right – Remark80
Nolan’s Unobtainable Remedy – Neil Porter/Nolan
No Such Thing As Love by BossHook
My Hope – Scott Carmichael
The Cycle – Acoustic Version by chuck_t
Many times I have loved by paularenson
Moments of You – guitaraddict
Armor Pajamas – Paul_T
Dream Waltz – Brian D
Middle Aged Love Song – pablatone
Too Many Ghosts – jiguma (Neil Porter)
Bonnie Parker – The Fritters (w/Komrade K)
On My Way – Holistik
She’ll Feel Alone – BossHook
Just In Time (featured on CSI:NY) – stacey
Walk Away – Remark80
Rain Falls Down – NorthPoint
Route 2A – BewareTheFish
Sweet Step – sschedra
Kickin’ A Can – Jim Bouchard
Miss Grace – Remark80
LillNisse – Cori Ander
One of A Kind by pablatone
When You Left – TobinMueller
Tell Sophia – BossHook
Shades Inside the Moon – Remark80
Reverse Folk – michael2
september sky – jonx
Seems Like Forever (Has Turned Into Never) – Dennis James
So Easy To Read – michael2
Unlimited World – Remark80
Tailor Made – guitapick
Places in the Heart – gatorman
The Cursing Song – Rebsie/Dick Langford
Sleep – morningcup (Scott Carmichael)


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