Folk/Folk-Rock Music – vol. 6

Folk Music – Vol. 6 – in which I highlight more contemporary folk & folk-rock. Also, since the Macjams Podcasts are temporarily on hold, I’ve included upcoming podcasts from appropriate genres. Please feel free to drop me a note if you have ideas to add to this shortened list. Thanks…

Broken Hearts and Tear Stained Eyes by BossHook
Song for Victor (demo) by josephgvincent (deleted, but see below)
Worn Leather by UncleTupeloFan
Without You by aclarke (w/VicDiesel)
On The Morning by quarkhead
Do You Ever Think About? by Dennis James
who will I be by Scott Carmichael
Whiskey and Old Records by BossHook
You Are Sunshine by 2Legit
we remember by gpersichetti
Everybody Seems To… (halftime mix) by The Fritters
Somewhere Without You by quarkhead
Drive Me Wild by BridgeCreek
DON’T MIND (remix) by rihojo
In Valor There is Hope (for PO Daniel Faulkner) #2 by MikeNY911
Didn’t Know That by Dennis James
A Thousand Ways by Remark80/UncleTupeloFan
a time for peace by josephgvincent

Also, since the posting of Podcasts has been temporarily interrupted, I’ve a related podcasts not yet posted:

PLAYLIST from MacJams Podcast #6: Folk, vol 1

Simply Fine – Ejh (Ed Hannifin)
Cuckoo Song – paddler (RG Paddler)
Nobody Special – madelineb03 (Madeline Burke)
The Aleph – Tom Fairnie
No Better Day – Scott Carmichael
Anybody Else Can Play That – (Ingo G. Michel)
Being The Man – paulhenrys
If I Could Live Long Enough – TobinMueller/ivanjs
Keep Looking For Jesus – Tom Atwood
Anymore – rcandrews/snowdragon
On & On – thetiler (Bill Furner)
Crown Jewels – Tetsujin (Graham Lee)
Dwell – Jim Bouchard


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