Classical Music – vol. 2 (w/ Podcast)

Classical Music – Vol. 2 – highlighting the diverse Classical Music on the station that still plays every style of music on the planet… Plus, this post includes the Classical Music Podcast created in early 2007 but never released and highlights from Feter’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik online festival..

little suite in D part 3 by woofer3
My contention by VicDiesel
Capricho Arabe Vr2 by thetiler
Andalusian Vision – Orchestral version by leemiguel2004
Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto – 2nd Movement by Harmonesque
“oh! mio babbino caro!” – Puccini by woofer3
Sarabande (J.S.Bach) by AcetyleneJukebox
Capricciata by dirigent
Vortigern’s Fortress (EKNM) by TobinMueller
Work in Progress Take 2 by S H A T N E R!!!
Andalusian Vision – leemiguel2004
Pavane w/ DWL by Rebsie
3 Movement Piano Piece (1) by paul f. page
Baroque Suite No. 1 in B minor by gisli
Is there still hope? by elfdaughter
Intermezzo – from Cavalleria Rusticana – Pietro Mascagni by Harmonesque
Eclipse …And The Neutrinos Danced Unnoticed Through Us All by Alimar
Branle Gay by AcetyleneJukebox
Grey Dream by HenriROGERsoloandbands
Electric Lute Land (EKNM) by Ibstrat
Non lo díro col labbro by davidsmith99
What Should I Say (w/Dirigent-RSchletty) by Feter
Arise in this Bright Morning by Enrique Gil
Goodnight for violin and piano by andreasvanharen

Music Podcast #14 – MacJams Classical vol 1:

Salut – Brad White
Excelsior! by Alimar
Romeo and Juliete Overture – David Homan
The Earth Trembles – Bowman (Charles Mazarakes)
The Aquarium – MidiOrleans (Scotty Hill)
Steppin’ Out (partial) – composerclark (Clark Ross)
Cyndi (I Love You) – Enrique Gil
Wind-Tossed – paul f. page
Lady of the Lake – Mystified/TobinMueller
Martin Simon – jonnyboy
Sophia Begets the Demiurge by Keith O. Edwards
Tristezza – Mystified
Variation 1 – haribo

Also see the Eine Kleine Nachtmusik online festival…

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