Folk/Folk-Rock Music – vol. 7

Folk Music – Vol. 7 – in which I highlight more contemporary folk & folk-rock. Also, since the Macjams Podcasts are temporarily on hold, I’ve included upcoming podcasts from appropriate genres. Please feel free to drop me a note if you have ideas to add to this shortened list. Thanks…

PLAYLIST from MacJams Podcast #28: Folk Music – DJ’d by NEIL PORTER

black braid by jonx
I’m Always In Late – paddler
In The Turning Of Our Time – TomFairnie
Lowlands – Rebsie
Pilgrim of the Return – TobinMueller/Twonicus/John Selvia
Max & I – daddyg (George Michael and the Puddle Jumpers)
Open Door – daphna
Smoke & Mirrors by Emily Rohm/thetiler
Chase Your Blues – Wal Landreth
The Mist Comes Up The Valley – EJH and Mystified (Ed Hannifin)
Can’t Let Go – mint01/rschletty
Falling Autumn Snow – buckhorn
The Night – jpfeiff (Jim Pfeiffenberger)
Pachyderm Messiah – Dennis James
18 of 52: Maid of the Underwave – eorthman/Eshinee (Rob Veith)
A-D-D Blues – Joe Brady

Folk Music – Vol. 7 continued:

Frenzy by daddyg
Broken Symmetries by Peter Greenstone
APOCALYPSE (remix2) by rihojo/richardhowardjones
Blue Spark Sparrow by I. Spike/Mystified
In Between by KR
walls of paper by moorlandt
Zoetrope by satoriday
Private Gazing – Moorlandt
– Walter Moorlandt/Myshkin
My Religion – eleveneyes (Ray Kainz)
Coffee House Blues by Relic67
Sunshine Angel by guygrooves
EXPLORERS (The MacJams Coffee House) by Micheal_Wark
fiddle while it burns (sons of hypnos w/pinkfreud) by ageofthedeathtree
Marco by moorlandt
Misty Waters ( Macjams coffee shop) by kingbee
Saying So You’ll Know – jiguma
I’m Going Home on a Cloud (Repost) by Relic67
At Her Window by TobinMueller
The King of Nothing by I. Spike
Song For Ronnie Lane by Brian D
I Just Want to Love You Today by bowens
Let You Down – soulmonk
meditating on white noise (w/Choirbox) by biba_nova
and now everything will become nothing by here, in arms
Like A Stone by Vic Holman
De mon nuage by sunflower


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