Folk/Folk-Rock Music – vol. 9

Folk Music – Vol. 9 – in which I highlight more contemporary folk & folk-rock. Please feel free to drop me a note if you have ideas to add to this list or add song page URLs to the comments section below…

Sunrise by Ryan Fox
Wrong Remedies by daddyg
Mockingbird (Jonx/mcboy) by Mcboy
A thousand times by Denny Borsboom
By Now by weerezivy
With Me by Peter Greenstone
Homestead by davisamerica2
How Far (reMixed) by time
The Ballad Of A Breakup by Leebo
Walk Strong by Scott Carmichael
Goes on without you by jschultz76
After The Sun Goes Down by Brian D
Nightfall (Macjams Coffee House) by richardhowardjones
Light Of A Lifetime by ChipCosby
emma [revised] by davisamerica
Before There Were Gods by TobinMueller
Pretend (MJ Coffee House Challenge) by rsorensen
The Youngest and The Brightest by jesushairdo
Struck Dumb (MacJams Coffee House) by dajama
I Am Freedom by paddler
with your eyes by branchgraft
In Before the Sun by quarkhead
The Blue Elephant Song – dane
A List Is Not A Song by michael2
Shannon’s Song (Chorus 7) by RichardSchletty
Old Boyz by BossHook
The Free Way Of Light by paddler
This Way (remix) by jpfeiff
All My Friends by michael2
schooldays by stevewhit
I Know (I Won’t Be Leaving Here) by Sea Monk Seven
Naked Toys by Monkaton
Sense Number by Stav
Say you will love me again by amadeus
Two Seconds by Nolan
Where the Crow Flies by Helen Angel


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  1. Adam Clarke Says:

    Very cool list! Was glad to hear jschultz76’s wonderful “Goes On Without You”, Jonx and McBoy’s masterpiece “Mockingbird” and so many other great songs I’d either never heard or was gently reminded of.

    Thanks, Tobin. Keep up the great work!

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