Soul, R&B and Funk – vol. 2

The playlist for Macjam Soul, R&B and Funk, vol 2:

SHED SOME LIGHTby maintain-usa
Misery by CR
Neighborhood Kids by Hectorious
Duke’s funk by art
Dance Me by clwedel
Something I can’t take w/Timothy Devine by thoddi
Reflectionz by itsfenom
its not fair by reigan9999
Tell Me You Want Me by trbeat
Mourning Rain by ***itiswotitis***
Mighty Cracker Fly by I. Spike
Playa Like Me by therandbsinger
Foolish heart by arian
No More Tricks by n.j.
Used to be SO Influenced by steck
Hold on by danml69
Not Gonna Cry by dodo
Kiss (Heather Brooks Band) by Hectorious
Funk Wit Me (With Music by Bud ) by Dj French Toast
The Rhythm of Life by art
Father To Son by psexnyc
Last Night by FlatRock2
Envy Game (kcmix1) by kcsaito
No Glamour No Lights by Soulman4270
Blue Moon 2 by MasaK


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