Rock Music – Vol. 13

Rock Music – Vol. 13 – in which I highlight the diversity of Macjams Rock. Please feel free to drop me a note if you have ideas to add to this playlist or become a guest playlist DJ (submit your own playlist). Aren’t we lucky to have all this music for free? But the best part: our audience is made up of fellow music makers…

PLAYLIST of Rock Music – Vol. Lucky 13:

Snowblind (MJ Live Aid) by The Infinites
Lies Lies! (w/MickD) by LunaTrick
Butthead (10,000 Veiws) by Hectorious
One Man Demo by elmoped
Dirty War (MJ Live Aid) by dajama
0101 by prinakis
Kalevala by mikkinylund
Pharoah Redeux by Montgomery California
waiting here for you by nevermine
Wasted on You by Lennon714
Laika by springclock
She’s the One (MJ Live Aid) by Nick_Flash
rocknrollphrases by Eckleiste
All About You (for MJ live aid) by zallaz01
Cold Sharp Edges by BewareTheFish
RUN SALLY RUN by Micheal_Wark
A New Day Dawning by FrankAxtell
I Don’t Wanna Be a Rock Star by rsorensen
Tried To Reason by Mckenzie
I am the Thunder by Kori Arashi
Lonely (BlueBoy Club Mix) by SlimGirlFat
Cecily by Relic67
Tried To Reason by Mckenzie
Steal Me Blind by Montgomery California
Scattered Memories by Kori Arash
We are The President’s Men by Cadman
Maniac (Early Version) by Dandelion_Pharm
o0o – Switch by o0o
Medley by floppysurprise
q tip by Eckleiste
Wake Up Remix (w/Orbiting) by michael2

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