Folk/Folk-Rock Music – vol. 11

Folk Music – Vol. 11 – in which I highlight more contemporary folk & folk-rock. Please feel free to drop me a note if you have ideas to add to this list or add song page URLs to the comments section below…

My Time Machine by 12parsecs
Wouldn’t Change a Thing by admiralebay
shoestring by jonx
destiny by nevermine
Drunken In Love by Philos60
Redneck Rehab by Armatron
Sounds Like Love (MJ Cafe) by The Fritters
Time will Fall by steck
The Edge by obbster
The Rains Of Love – With Sisters by announcer
Breathless Acoustic by Joshosh
leave me alone by pablatone/Tom Roberts
Peter Pan by Lennon714
Revolution by moorlandt
The Same But Different by dolby
Who You’re Livin’ For by cthayes
Walls (Analogapalooza – from Robin Hood) by TobinMueller
Just Go by Dadai/thoddi
A Day In Her Life-Rebsie session by Dadai
DO YOUR JOB!!! by BossHook/Pete Hulne
Garden of Even (complete) by PAGESofSTASIS
On Reflection (MJ Coffee House) by jiguma
NO NEED TO CRY by richardhowardjones
step up to the microphone by jonx
Look for the Rainbow – Coffee House Mix by sloparts
INSIDE THIS SKIN (MJ Coffee House) by Micheal_Wark
Doing Fine by paralax
Glen Byre (Collaboration with SJB & Seathach) by seathach
Friendship & Faith – MJ Coffee by MarkHolbrook/Gail
Write an M by Automata_Band


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