Ambient Music, vol. 3

Ambient Music – Vol. 3 – in which I highlight Ambient, peaceful electronic and acoustic tracks, soft jazz, Muzak, and other related genres. Please feel free to drop me a note if you have ideas to add to this list or add song page URLs to the comments section below…

rhythmiclouds-3a by soehnk: one of a series
Beyond by chipan
Angel Convention by magnatone
Constellations by MasaK
Silken Feeling by Motu
PLAY! by Parichayaka
Song for My Mama-la by slumbering
Indigo by SmokeyVW
Heart Of The Desert by futzpucker
Lullaby for the Lonely by MissChaos
Dominoco by davajonah
Lost Town by Tadashi Togawa
Sanctuary by Parichayaka
Cernunnos of the Wildwood by elfdaughter
Laurel Morning by paul f. page

Also the Soft Jazz series in the Mining The Database Index.


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