Jazz – vol. 5 (w/ Vocals Podcast)

Jazz on Macjams – vol 5 features vocal jazz and the previously unreleased podcast MacJams Vocal Jazz 2007.

Oh You Crazy Moon by harisahn
Skylarks (MJ Coffee) by paddler
The Cigarette and The Actress by Del/TobinMueller
Growing by prinakis
Lunar Eclipse by SmokeyVW/Alannah
Lost Mind by harisahn
Somebody’s Coming… by Soundhound
This Rainy Sunday Morning (with WANGMOH) by kcsaito
Swamps of New Orleans by catsoundspub
Mr. Simpson’s Bomb-Ditty by daphna
What Would I Do Without You by harisahn

Music Podcast #12 – Macjams Vocal Jazz vol 1:
Bowling Alley – TEAM LANDRETH
Midnight – daddyg (George Michael )
Yo Soy De Aqui – gumbi Ortiz
Convoluted Blues by BossHook (w/ Mbehar, Bass2x)
Again – I.G.M. (Ingo G. Michel)
What Now? – Stacy (Stacey K. Black)
This Old River – philonnie (Phil)
When I Look In Your Eyes – announcer/Bill Brophy & Anne Cozean/SISTERS
Style – paulhenrys (Paul Henry Schwebel)
Dreams III – TobinMueller/Woody Mankowski
Smooth As Silk – Joanna (Joanna Sandsmark)
Waltz For Jodie – jesusharido/kcsaito
My Soul – Alannah + thomasa by Alannah (Thomas Almqvist/Alannah Richards)


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