Folk/Folk Rock Music – Vol. 13

Folk/Folk Rock Music – Vol. 13 – in which I highlight more contemporary folk & folk-rock. Please feel free to drop me a note if you have ideas to add to this list or add song page URLs to the comments section below…

Can I make a Reservation? [coffee shop] by davisamerica2
My Time Machine by 12parsecs… or
My Time Machine (Coffee House version) by 12parsecs
Lovely (MJ Coffee House) by Nick_Flash
What’s Inside by Remark80
No I did not cry that night by KellyMarkSmith
Charming by stacey
Down The Road (MJCH) by J.A.Stewart
Give My Love by yankeebriggs
Autumn Breeze by josephgvincent
How Did You? (MJ Coffehouse) by michael2
The Look In Your Eyes by jesushairdo
Drive by FlatRock2
Without Love by HalwayToNowhere
Capitalize by khanusx
So You Remember by estellie
My Home Town by Dennis James
Leave them Behind by Cadman
My Angel’s Kiss by sdgreen
OPEN SEASON (In God’s Name) by J.A.Stewart
All i can say about religion 2 by tmcfate
for my husband (wedding waltz) by BoiAfrica
Parade-remix1 by Jim Bouchard
The ballad of Jesse James by Skatehorn

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