Country Music, vol 3. – highlighting MJGOOC

Country Music, vol. 3 includes some of the highlights of the MJ Grand Ole Opry Challenge….

Old Dog by MowMeDown
Back From the Past by sloparts
When The Sun Goes Down (GOOC) by Feter/The Brotherhood
I Have Wandered (MJ GOOC) by jiguma
I’ve Got Time to Spend by sloparts
I Won’t Drink Today (MJGOOC) by Relic67
Abducted by Aliens (GOOC) by DWL
Dream Girl by relrick
A Little Lapse of Memory – again by sloparts
We’ll Meet Again (MJGOOC) by Moviz
The Only One by guygrooves
STARRY NIGHT of Cowboy Gogh by dodo
The One by guygrooves
Country Swing by Shadowofnine
Playin’ Rugby (GOOC) by SmokeyVW
A Simple Life – Remastered by sloparts
Pickett Sun (GOOC) by Ibstrat

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