Folk/Acoustic Rock – Vol. 18

Folk/Acoustic Rock Music – Vol. 18 – in which I highlight more contemporary folk & folk-rock and acoustic rock. Please feel free to drop me a note if you have ideas to add to this list or add song page URLs to the comments section below…

2$ Shoes by Jim Bouchard (from TOOTS RAMBLES)
Under My Skin by Peter Bradley Adams (from LEAVETAKING)
Down On Townsend Avenue by philonnie
Twist My Bionic Arm by TheMeaningOfLife
Makes You Wonder by jiguma
I Can’t Take It by darin803
The Sunroof Song by dave1963
To This Heart by pablatone
These Odds by rsorensen by peacepiano
For Sarah by Dee1962z
Damned If You Do Damned If You Don’t by Dennis James
Lifted Up by cthayes
The Scene by bronco
at Cliff’s cafe by josephgvincent
LONG TIME by regulus
Your Mama’s Rockin’ Chair by Monkaton
Luxury Line by larryquinn
Lovely Summer Days by Moviz
If I Could Hold Her In My Arms by TomFairnie
Madalyn by LetTheMusicPlay


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