Spoken Word – vol. 2

The Spoken World series highlights poetry, stories and spoken word experiments from the Macjams archives. If you know of any submissions that I haven’t included, please list the URLs in the comments section below.

Spoken Word – vol. 2 playlist:

Hunger by cjorgensen
The Fall (from the Serpent’s point of view) by Del/TobinMueller
Hold Time by lisanova
A State of Confusion by art
Medicinal Tithing by cjorgensen
Entropy (Box After Box) by SmokeyVW
Summer Evening Song by Moviz
Meanwhile The Replicators (MJ Cafe) by SmokeyVW
Wall of Heaven by Del/TobinMueller
Punk (with Caroline) by breezer
Neo-America by Outtaorbit
The Androgyne by SpasmodicMan
Man of God by cjorgensen
Vision Quest by SmokeyVW


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