Rock Music – Vol. 1 – from the MJ Archive

Music comes and goes so quickly in this place!
But ROCK lives on (in the database).

Here are a few tracks (listed below) I hope no rock lover misses. About 3 1/2 hours of listening excitement. Enjoy! Click “more” to see the entire listing… (On my Mac, I “control-click” each link to get a pop-up menu, then open the song pages in Tabs, one after the other, as I do work in another window. If you really dig a specific tune, from the Song page click on the member’s Profile link and listen to more.) Please use comments at the end of this blog to mention other songs buried deep in the database that you’ve found Mining the Music!

All The Time – soundwave
Fall Away – jwoo10
What Do You Care – elveneyes (Ray Kainz)
Intergalactic Love Affair – joel c.
Rocket me away – normaramon
Fault line – lucyfur
Mercy – Scott Carmichael
Line in the Sand Mastered by karasoul
Tern – Pie
Someday – lucyfur
An Honest Kiss – BewareTheFish
Wait – kidsinthehall
Falling – Pie
Satellite – rueffy/Sonny
Scabbed Cliche – chuck_t
Suffocating Me – 67JM
Fire Alarm – benjhannah (Ben Hannah)
Raven – racerat
The Ascension – 67JM
Revolver – Supergene
Irony – theglareofday
Now It’s Over – benjhannah
Out In The Woods – Ash Tree
Yesteryears – Particulate Eden
the pain of impermanence – brb
Inside Your Skin – rsorensen
alright – here in arms
Questions – AClarke-Sil-VER
Creep – Dave M
Cuppa – daddyg
Home School – Dick Langford
Water’s Edge – twonicus/M-Lab
Two Legs – Hectorious (Resolution)
Driven By Desperation – Sil-VER/I. Spike
Real World – Vic Holman
Break the Silence (ft Laura Madeley/James Moore) – FractalGarden
A Dream – singerchar (Charlie Rhodes)

These tracks were highlighted in MACJAMS PODCAST #3:
How I’d Love – eleveneyes
Heroes Die – lv14 (Ronnie Day)
Idiot Jungle – aliknott1
Lover Lay Your Lies On Me – twonicus
Mother – Pie (Pietro Diana)
Unfaithful – AClarke/Sil-VER
Donna – The Maladies
Out In Dawn – springclock
Cut & Paste – Hectorious
Working – mikkinylund
Step Up To The Microphone – jonx

These tracks will be highlighted in the upcoming MACJAMS PODCAST #5:
Big Star – soundwave
Don’t Tell The Queen – elveneyes (Ray Kainz)
Shine – reevesman (Kevin Reeves)
Snap Krackle Pop – Steve Cole/Amanda Chapman
Jackie Jones – Supergene
Promise – twentyforseven
Please Take This – thekidsinthehall
Funny Things – dchapman/Out of the Blue
No One – springclock
The Fighter – mvh9591 (Michael House)
Continuance – falo

You can surf the MacJams database yourself by going here. I tried to pick all songs that pre-dated 31 December 2007 for this post.

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  1. rsorensen Says:

    Thanks for including one of mine in the playlist, and thanks a lot for posting all of these. Great picks! Now to only find 3 1/2 hours to listen hehe.

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