MacJams Links

Want to check out MacJams Podcasts? Please go to PODCASTS. They are organized by genre and offer some of the best archived music on MJ. Please subscribe to the macjams Music Podcasts via iTunes.

Every song that gets posted on Macjams is listed on the MUSIC page. You can filter songs by genre, member name, ratings, fans and hits.

MacJams FORUMS are a great place to ask questions regarding the site, the recording process, song writing and getting along in the Internet music scene. Latest FORUMS posts show up in a box along the end of the MUSIC page. You can also get a List of Forum Posts by date and start a post from the Forum Topics page. A handing Search exists on the bottom of the Topics page.

A beta MacJams 2.0 site is currently under construction. You can navigate to it via the HOMEPAGE. The hope is it will be fully functional before the end of the year.