Artist Spotlight Index

These MacJammers have been included in the Artist Spotlight series. Please use the comments section below their blogs to add to each narrative. Include personal anecdotes, favorite songs not mentioned, collaborations, etc.

Bill Furner (TheTiler) – Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar
Paddler (Richard Gray) – Troubadour of the Lake District
I. Spike (Steve Hale) – Singer/Songwriter/Producer
AndrĂ© van Haren – Classical Composer from The Netherlands

Michael2 (Michael Marquesen) – Pop Rock Experimentalist
Brian Delaney – Master of Pop Rock
Dennis James – Down Under in Pittsburgh
Stacey BlackCSI: Female Singer/Songwriter

Paul Davis (Droop) – R.I.P.
All Points Bulletin: APB is here (Alan Paul Brady)
Sloparts – The Country Flavors of Ed Wemmerus
Dr. Clark Ross – Classical Professor

Jim Bouchard: Boston Bard
Henri Roger – Jazz Improvisationalist from France
The Jiguma Is Up: Neil Porter
Chris Cihon: PickQuick Records

John Jenkins: Honky Tonk Woofer from Wales
Scott Carmichael: Faith-filled Musician
Graham Steel – Free Culture Vulture Disciple
The First and Second Life of Silas Scarborough

eDrew (Andrew Dorsett): L.A. Producer, Composer, Keyboardist
Texas Threesome: Jack Hemby/Terry Pearson/Pat Robinson
Benjamin Ingram (Benny): DJ French Toast
Age Isbell: Sons of Hypnos / ageofthedeathtree

Daddy G: George Michael & Lyndon Heart
Eric VanAusdal: Lennon714
Vic Holman: The Big Ideas Guy
Three Cat Clem: Contemporary Blues Man

Boss Hook: John LaMantia – Johnny Law/LaMachine
Paul F. Page – Philosopher Pianist
Jesushairdo: Yusuke Horiuchi, Japanese Pop Master
Rebsie: Psychedelic Renaissance Woman

Tobin Mueller – Talking With Myself
Mikki Nylund: Love Revolutionary
Bob Prince: guitapick gits a pick
Mark Holbrook: High Flying Man*

Eddie Fliess: A Music Factory*
Drakonis (aka Eduard): Macjams Ambassador*
Ridd Sorensen: Drawing On The Moment
Scotty Mills: MidiOrleans*

Roxylee (coming soon)*
Lavalamp (coming soon)*
Dirk Lind: quarkhead (coming soon)
Mitchell Breland: spitlogic (coming soon)
No Flies On Pie – Pietro Diana (coming soon)

ALSO: CHECK OUT THE MACJAMMERS’ BLOG for additional interviews on: EEFliess, Roxylee, Lavalamp, Kassia, Doadars Uncle. *All interviews with an asterisk indicates they were originally published by Mark Holbrook in his MacJammers’ Blog.

Plus upcoming interviews with FlatRock2, Becca Johnson, Adam Clarke, Hectorious, Richard Howard Jones, five_extra_arms, Nick-Flash, pablatone, rsorensen, Moorlandt, Feter, Greg Norman, Yeman A. Al-Rawi, Ian Baird (in all his various incarnations) and much more…